Are binaries 2d or 3D?

are processors and data storing in 2D design or 3D?

if not, why not?

for example, if you have 4 byte (32 binaries)

you get this amount of combonation:


but in 3d, if you align 3 by 3 by 3 cube of binaries, then you would get infinite number,no seriously, if you have a starting point and a vector formular which is setted that it bounces when ever it touches the edge (counputing), you have a way of reading that 32 bytes infinitely...

+ you can do that with encryption, but i'm not gonna say it...

and if we make processors to 3d...

i've calculated that you can make ALOT more processing power

8 core can be parallel the power of flops of 24 cores

well.... that just the general number

I think you need to do a bit more research (no pun intended).