Are amd graphics cards less stable than nvidia?

I was just reading a thread on r/buildapc talking about this. It was the first i heard about it but made me second guess myself.

no, the drivers are less mature, but with every new release they get better, but amd card are very stable.


although if you listen to reddit they will tell you all sorts of idiotic crap

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The Nvidia Drivers have been known to be better, indicating more "stability" But the new drivers AMD is releasing and using are far superior to what they used to use, so theyre both about as stable.

Well reddit is just like anything else on the internet or in the world really. There are good people on there with great info you just have to work to find it. You get what you put into it really. After all if it werent for reddit i wouldnt have gotten the idea to build a pc (someone had linked a tek synidicate video) until i watched that the idea seemed very foreign to me. It also got drinking better coffee and quite a few life improving posts. Now im not saying i find amazing posts everyday hardly but one in while you will find a post that makes all of the crap worthwhile.

AMD drivers are solid, had no problems with them whatsoever. They've also got a hell of a lot more features than the Nvidia drivers.

it depends on the components of the cards and as far as driver stability amd drivers are stable in the sense that they run, they are not stable in the sense that their features work without hiccups(hdmi audio, directx9) or not at all for no apparent reason(eyefinity). i never had issues with nvidia where i had to roll back driver versions just to use a feature when it worked or play a game with less issues. i suppose if you can live with that like most amd owners do then they are good cards. this generation i couldnt reccomend buying an nvidia card because of their performance vs price tag. i think even microsh1t is going amd this go around with their new xbox.

why would you run directx9 on a new gpu from any manufacturer? dx11 is alot better