Are all my parts compatible, will they fit together

the case i want to get is the enermax ostrog


the heatsink will be the cooler master hyper 212 evo


the ram i'll be getting will be the kingston hyperX beast 2400 mhz


Asus m5a97 LE R2.0 motherbard


amd fx 8350 (i dont think i need to post a link for this)

His iceq x2 7970


so what i want to know is if all these parts will fit together in the case because from what i know the hyper 212 evo is very big! i also know that the 7970 is big too, and if anyone has suggestions on smaller parts that would work just as well without being much more expensive.


also please don't give me any crap about the over-priced ram, i'm actually getting my ram for free so i'm going all out, without going over a $100.


i can't think of any other things i need to post.

Yes they all fit, and the GPU looks like it fits too due to the removable HDD cage in the case.....

The hight of CPU cooler you want is 159 mm

The cases CPU cooler support upto 174mm

Giving you a 15mm gap.....not huge, but it fits!