Are 21:9 monitors worth the money?

I have been looking around for the past few days, and am having a difficult time deciding. I do a variety of things: mainly gaming, photoshop, some video editing. My budget is rather low, which is why a 16:9 1080p monitor is appealing (the ones I have been looking at are in the $100-150 range), but I am rather tempted to consider a 21:9 if they are truly worth the extra money.

I am currently using a 15" 1024x768 monitor, and a 32" 1360x768 TV at a scaled 1920x1080 (as a second display).

With all of the mixed reviews, it seems rather difficult to decide if a 21:9 monitor is worth buying.

Thanks in advance.


As with everything so long as the price is reasonable. For the the only way I would get 21:9 is a 1440p one. I really like the aspect ratio and size but LG is charging fantastic amounts.

So currently no. Once the Korean ones land yes.


the crossover 21:9 monitor they did the review on just dropped to 280 i believe definitely worth it

on a side note does anyone one know a way for me to run that monitor on my ultrabook ?

its a i7 3612QM with a Nvidia 650M with HDMI out and 12GB of ram

I really want to run it but am yet to get a desktop and am not sure whether it would be possible my brother tells me it is not

I have 21:9 LG 29UB65 monitor which was like $500 here in Czech republic a month ago and Im really happy with it. For video//music editing, CAD drawing, coding and gaming, its been a real delight. If you are not concerned about the stand or inputs, i would recomend to look for korean monitor reviewd by Tek Syndicate for considerably lower price and same panel as mine.

2560 x 1080 is pointless as you can simply get 2560x1440 instead

It's a good solution if you want a multi-monitor setup and don't have the desk space for it, or if you're watching movies a lot in my opinion. It's a great form factor if you do a lot of text reviews. For gaming, it's cool but not eyefinity cool if you know what I mean lol.