Are 1150 cpu fans interchangeable [solved]

silly question, but searching for this shows discussion on fans interchanging sockets not processors.

i assume the stock haswell i7 cpu cooler will fit a haswell i3 and cool it.


is that assumption correct


are i7 cpu coolers larger than i3 coolers and better at cooling? i would make another assumption yes due to TDP or at least more copper on the i7 cooler.

reason for question. i want to cascade my coolers and cool the i7 with a noctua and move the i7 cooler to the i3. the i3 is a 54watt @ 3.7GHz and with the current stock cooler it throttles with a load at about 80%. i have a noctua on an i7-930 130W and it allows the cpu to run 100% for however long I desire. i want to do the same with the new i7 and the existing i3. 

the stock coolers are the same as far as i know. doesn't matter if you have an i3 or i7, so your assumption should be correct for your 2 haswell cpus. I'm not sure if a 1150 stock cooler fit's on a 1155 socket, but since they look the same they should even be exchangable between those 2 sockets...

The stock i7 hsf has more thermal mass than the i3 version (from a cursory el Google) and will fit. When in doubt though just throw a Cooler Master 212 Evo at it. Or triple Noctua glory.

The i7 will have a copper base Vs a aluminium base. 

THe i7's cooler is interchangeable , and it will fit , you just need new thermal paste.

thanks all!

this is exactly what i needed to know.

this did not work and i'm not sure why. i hooked the fan to the mobo and no post. memok was solid red. tried using memok remedy, it kept cycling through timings and i can't wait for that, so i reset bios and that did not work. i placed the i3 heat sink fan onto the board and it posted. not sure what happened but now i have a memory issue in the first slot. am now using just the A2 slot and it posts!!!!!, how's that for fun!

the mobo is now just a test machine, so an rma just sounds like hassle. anyway. it's all the original equipment psu/mobo/cpu/ram/drive and it worked until i placed the i7 fan into the system and then the post/mem issue. i've fixed PCs since 1997, so it's not like i'm new at this. take away is why the hell was i thinking of using the i7 fan anyway? the haswell is not a hot cpu, specially the i3 with just 54W tdp. but "it should have worked". the cpu fan is just a fan and block of metal. the thermal compound looked like it always does after a heat sink has been removed. just saying. mobo = asus h97m-plus, cpu=i3-4360 and ram=crucial ballastix that is working fine and passes all tests. the i7 fan was from the i7-4790k. i guess i need to hook the i7 fan up with the ram in the 3rd slot, but i am not trying to kill it. on someone else's dime and permission i would. hey asus, hire me!


idk whats going on, i would say check all power connections, reseat the ram. etc etc.

Those stock coolers are all the same. so there is not diffrence there.

yup one bent pin! edits -- i was able to get the pin back. it felt loose at the bottom and moved too far in the direction i pushed it with a straight pin.  then i got it back in line with the others. there was a slight shininess but it appeared to match the top pattern. even if the pin was slightly at side angle in the hole. i placed the chip directly on it and clamped it down. i put the i3 fan on, and thinking i was going to replace the board, it posted and the memory slot appears to have been resolved, i know this is about cpu fans, but this is a thing that happens sometimes and perhaps someone will learn from it. not sure if i want to place the i7 fan back on, since it's working and i am not rich. -- this cpu and mobo are now married.