Arduino Uno

I was recently given an Arduino Uno and was told it was good to start in coding. If anyone knows anything about this, please help. Thank you for looking at my post.

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There is your go-to to get started, gain speed and lift off!

Here is a basic hello world program

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
  Serial.begin(9600);  //initialises serial connection for default baud (9600)

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
  Serial.println("Hello World!"); //Prints Hello World! in the serial monitor (default key combo for serial monitor: crtl+shift+m)
  delay(1000); //delays next action by 1000 miliseconds (= 1 second)

Depending on what hardware you have on hand, I might be able to give you a “guided tour” through some basics :wink:

Wow thanks! So I was wondering how I use a radio shack universal breadboard with it. It also has a keyboard for it.

Jumper/prototyping/breadboard wires.

Edit: Not enterlie true… Paperclips or other pieces of wire work aswell. Just don´t try to hard when pushing them in. Sometimes connections are not meant to be.

Breadboards are typically layed out like this:
The long “bars” allong either side are typically used as power rails. The short ones are running towards the center where they stop.
Example on how to use one:

The big connectors on the top right (if duckduckgo did not fool me) are wired into the power rails. Which one is on you to find out (multimeter or LED and battery)


Arduino is probably one of the more fun ways to get started with programming electronics, very hands-on

Thing is you’ll probably want an electronics starter kit too, you’ll have to read up on things like resistors, diodes, transistors, there should be some internet resources that are a good primer for starter Arduino projects

Something like this should be enough to get started on basic projects

I’ve made a few small projects with arduinos, just things like a direct input game controller and and RGB controller for my RGB strips, but if you need some help getting started I can answer a few questions


I started with an Atmel without using an Arduino, Assembly in C is hard and regular Assembly Code is just foreign to me almost.

My teacher I had said that Arduino Uno is for chumps or something like that (not his exact words) when it comes to Assembly code.

This is what I used to start coding, but maybe the Uno might be better:

Having coded assembly and C-Sketch (the arduino language), both have their pitfals.
But C-Sketch is human readable!

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Yeah, Assembly got me lost pretty quick. Never used C-Sketch although I did C in Assembly.

I got lots of these things… made an led lit guitar neck with the notes on each of the frets for the given key and mode… made a popcan solar heater with an arduino, made an 8x24 grid led scrolling sign, and am currently finishting up my growing system. Read arduino will be a good start. If you need some help or suggestions feel free to ask.

Have you used shift registers with integrated multiplexers for that or adressable LEDs?
I am planning something similar using MAX 7221

I used max 7219 one per 8x8 grid… so three of them

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