ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme IV 7970

FX 8350 4.8 GHZ with Corsair h100i 53c underload

Asus Crosshair V

Corsair 8G 1600 MHZ

Corsair 1200 AX PSU


Crossfire Asus 7970 with CUII cooler.


My PC is a 60 lbs oven and after 3 hours of gaming it's unbearable while my GPU's run 88c under load with 90% fan use.

Was thinking of purchasing Arcitic cooler being that water loop GPU system will no longer make my tower mobile.

Thoughts and personal experience appreciate. They claim my GPU will run 65c under load, but they give no support to my mostfits /comparators.

I know Asus uses custom pcbs on most all of their cards and I'm not sure that they're supported. Even if they are I'd look into using kraken g10 brackets with some closed loop solution if your case has even available mounting spots (Not sure on compatibility with the Asus pcb on these either).