ArcoLinux vs Arch

I have been using Arch on and off for about a year, and so far I don’t find the install to be that intimidating. I was curious why you would install ArcoLinux when you have Arch for the purist/advanced and Manjaro the beginners?

I use Arch btw (guess I have to end it with that, lol)

grab an antergos iso before it’s discontinued, or use anarchy/swagarch if you need an easy install.

Manjaro maintainers like to fiddle with defaults a lot which will make learning how to maintain and administer it more difficult if you expect arch documentation to work.

Not personally familiar with arcolinux but if they advertise it as “respecting defaults” or similar it’s probably interchangeable with the first 3 I mentioned

Arco Linux provide many helpful vids on how to maintain and modify the system. While it is a functional distro, it’s really a Linux training class.

Makes sense now.