Arch or Gentoo

I can't decide, I need to increase my skill, and also a server to dick around with.

  • arch
  • gentoo


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Edit: I am going to block everybody that votes arch. I am showing some sarcasm. Or am I?


but more seriously... just pick any server version of insert linux flavor here
it really doesnt matter which one as long as it's not a server variant of BSD lol


But I can't choose and I need a project to increase my knowledge, and there is a bunch of things that I can host, and this is on the path of automating all the things.

i know a LOT of places just pick whatever is best documented for server uses.
Atm, that is by far Ubuntu Server.

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to easy

if you are using it for a business, you go for what works and is documented, not whats "easy"

I'm some board teenager with a dell which wants to learn more about linux the hard way, I am in no way doing this for a profit, gentoo or arch

just use ubuntu server its what a lot of people use
BSD because PFsense is a thing that people may or may not use lol

You know what fuck it, I already torrented arch, might as well


To compile from source or not to compile from source? That is the question.

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Oh damn, well, to compile from source it is

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To compile from source obviously.

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But how does one compile from source a operating system, as this is a task I have never forebode

Neither have I - I installed arch - lol!

Wait, do you mean recompile the kernel once it is installed?

I'm confused now -
Don't you have to compile everything from source with gentoo?

the Gentoo documentation is detailed and walks you through the process of compiling the OS and all other packages.


I have never seen a binary for Gentoo. So I would assume yes.

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