Arch Linux, Possibly the best base

Okay so before we begin this is all opinionated. 

So arch by default is an OS you build your self via the arch dual iso this is a very modular design by default and works well for both advanced and new users. 

I consider my self a new user, and I can install arch easily given not without faults but don't let this fool you these faults will teach you how to fix things. 

This why I think the base version is the best one,, manjaro is brilliant don't get me wrong but if you want a true free system you need the base I believe the manjaro kernel is tainted so drivers work like catalyst that's fine but for me I want a true free open source system

You will learn things about your OS Ubuntu can't teach you using this method and shape the OS into the thing you want for me a minimal system that's foss and has bspwm by default, but at the same time powerful fast and good on battery, arch will give me this when I have configured everything, don't expect things done over night here it takes time to mold the system, but oh boy what a system it is. 

Combine this power with the AUR and the arch wiki welcome to one of the best systems on the planet. 

Now I am not saying mageia or manjaro or Debian are not great they are, but they are not the same beast they hold your hand some what, arch makes you learn with restatement questions and makes you appreciate the gui installers and makes you love terminal installs. 

So yeah just though I would post my opinions towards arch base, and its power compared :)

What are your opinions on arch?? Share them below! 

Arch is a very god platform to build up from. I love pacman, and that's really the only reason why I love it so much. I'm tinkering with Debian currently (have it running on the server, but thought i'd give it a go on good ol laggy lap to see what's now), and just like any other core install, debian/arch/redhat, you get exactly what I think you touched on above - a true customized experience, tailored to you. It's not for everyone because a whole lot of people get scared when they see the guts of their OS, but for others like you and I, it puts a smile on your face and you go "oh, cool!"

It's like building your own lover, except this one actually stays with you. woohoo.

Yeah I was on about a true customized experience, Gentoo also provides this, but I don't find it as attractive really, you could technically build a Arch OS tailored to your specific hardware using AUR, although I suspect this would be a little more tricky than Gentoo.

Adding to that the Kernel release in Arch seems more aggressive than Gentoo, I was talking to a few on there a while back with Arch v Gentoo, and of course the kernel is a massive part for performance, and they admitted Arch is better for kernels at bleeding edge.

And people should not be scared, I understand people are scared of change, and they shouldnt be, change brings around innovation, and the ability to learn more

And yes but this lover wont take your money if you leave haha 

By "true free open source platform" I'm assumming you mean free as in freedom. You wont get this with Arch. For this you will need Parabala Linux. It is based on Arch but non-free applications are not allowed in it's repos.


yes, but I dont install apps like Steam on my laptop, my desktops for that, I have stuff like the open source drivers, also for programming stuff like Eclipse, and soon bspwn as DE, so rather close if not on the spot :)


Did not know about Linux libre, so okay maybe not 100% foss, but close enough ;) still more open source than OSX or Windows

It's listed on the "Free GNU/Linux Distrobution" on

I don't know how much more FOSS it can get than that.


Lovin' my Arch.


Bspwm? I love how bspwm looks :)