Arch Linux BTRFS support - Any good?

Okay so in designing my Arch gaming system I have arrived at the file system (If they work I shall share the plans) the file system will be BTRFS but is it actually beneficial for performance over EXT4 these days? stuff like snapshot is not something I need but stuff block discarding is something that interests me (This helps with wear levels of SSDs with TRIM) 

So in terms of performance for gaming going this experimental something that I should be looking at? I already hope to get the 3.16 kernel in at some point, although shortly it shall be released.


BTRFS is the future of linux-fs so you may as well jump on board.

Block level optimisation with BTRFS is pretty awesome and can save you a lot of space from fragmentation.

SSD optimisation is all well and good, but in a general Desktop environment you're not going to wear your SSD. If you have a server that is being written to constantly by many users then you will see SSD-wear, but that is what ZFS is for ;)

Either way, BTRFS is a step in the right direction for linux. Even NTFS has better support than ext4 lol.


hmm faster I/O speed is always nice to have :) and I have hammered my SSD rather hard on my laptop lol, I used to constantly distro hop :)

Have you had any FS failures using BTRFS?