Arch Installation problem

A timer 1:30 s starts after boot and then it continues into emergency mode.

I think this is due to the fact that it asks for a UEFI partition and doesn't seem to allow me to install grub on the same partition. I'm forced to select a windows disk. Ill have to retry and create a second partition, but how much space does it need?

Other question:

Which DE should I install along with Awesome?

I want something elegant and beautiful, tight, not pixilated and bloated.

Cinnamon, enlightenment, gnome shell (minimal), Gnome, Gnome + extras, kDE4 base minimal, kde4, lxde, Mate?

I want dynamic, having both tiling and stacking.

The choices i have are the ones in the current Evo/Lution AUI.

Im installing it atm and waiting for advice.

I have always been a fan of Cinnamon. Second would be plasma 5 and then gnome. Plasma 5 still not ready yet but when it is, ill be using that from now on.

No, only the boot partition is marked as bootable.

It said to mark UEFI as bootable, I marked them both, anyway the installation is done and from here on forth I'll need to do a bunch of reading to handle Awesome Arch linux! Peace out ~

Ps I do wonder how I can delete the other DEs Strange but it takes several attempts to login.

Also will need to find out how to change the system language. And how the hell you install firefox.