Arch Hosting Web Hosting Legitimacy

Android Authority is offering lifetime web hosting through Arch Hosting for $30. I just wanted to find out if anybody has ever used them before and how legit Arch Hosting is.

I’m confused. In the first link the title says lifetime subscription but in the license [linked small print] it says one year free domain hosting. What exactly are you subscribing to?

I think you get 1 domain for free for the first year + the basic (“Startup Web Hosting”) hosting plan for life, for 30 dollars, which seems pretty decent. It only supports one domain on that plan though, meaning you can’t host multiple websites, unless they are at a subdomain level. (I think…I haven’t purchased the plan).

Back to the op question, anyone used them before?

I haven’t used them. But the old saying is always true. You get what you pay for, in this case your not paying much at all.

Yes oh wise @Eden you do get what you paying for. My only serious question is how long do they consider a lifetime? That’s what makes this deal tempting but also confusing.

Look at their terms and conditions. They’ll limit it or kick you off as soon as it becomes to much for them to handle.