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this is past necro, you’re just dry-humping a dusty skeleton and getting cob webs in your nethers


We allowed it cause he asked.


It’s all good.


okie doke then

i guess I’ll be off in my corner leaving the dead well alone


This is how you know dis thread old. last Photo post featured a system with Kernel 3.13 lmao

that just so happen to be @Phantom’s lel


How about actual on topic stuff?

Arch users, why not share what for and why you use Arch for? Like share your workflows.
I’ll start.

Apart from daily driver, I use it for software development. ATM I using KDE Plasma 5, but I like i3wm more and use it on a laptop.

If I don’t have i3wm, then I use tmux as a replacement for my terminal activities.

For coding i use:

  • vim - for editing
  • Make - for build and somewhat of a project manager
  • gcc - to compile
  • gdb and valgrind - for debug

Why do I use Arch? Specifically to programming, I get the newest GCC and libs, as well as, libs that aren’t usually packaged through AUR. It’s great for coding on close to bleeding edge. It also is minimal so I can set up my environment however I want and not worry about all the preinstalled stuff and defaults.

Obligatory *fetch screen:


I’m am arch dub.


I was a former Arch try-hard… but i’ve moved on to other distros.

I learned recently that Yaourt got rekt… what replaced it?


So you know how Void sorta has an AUR too but its just downloading source code with xbps instructions? Kinda sorta the same thing, at least that I have seen in stuff like artix.


yay is the main replacement for yaourt but it was replaced mainly by pacaur but it got depricated as well. yay is really cool though favourite aur manager so far.

Also wouldn’t call arch try harding there are people in the community like that but its just a simple to use linux distro that lets you install what you want. i can literally search 90% of git repos i want in the aur and someone has an up to date package build of it. Could manually compile on other distros but I’m not going to waste my time doing that and keeping all the software up to date.

What distro you using now?


I think @Kat uses Gentoo,

Personally using pikaur atm.


Can’t even keep on top of all these aur managers haha. never heard of that one. It seems to be really similar to yay. I wonder why there has never been an official aur manager. tbh it really should be built into pacman just with a lot of warnings. I do take the precaution of reading PKGBUILDS before i install but I’m sure a lot of users don’t.

Never used gentoo my self. I really should try installing it in a vm one day. I know it uses a bsd like ports system tried out bsd a couple of times got a bit of culture shock from it since a lot of the commands are different from linux but i always liked the ports system.

Also just to try and big dick everyone, I’m gonna assume I’m the only one in this thread that has an arch linux t-shirt. Probably the nerdiest thing i own.


coz AUR is unofficial? :wink:

well I certainly don’t have one? :frowning:

Did you build LFS yet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I do


Was actually going to say in the gentoo comment i would be more likely to try out LFS than gentoo just to learn more. it seems gentoo is similar to arch just with a bit more customization out the box and you compile everything but that’s my understanding from skimming the beginners install guide.
I wonder if anyone uses LFS for there daily pc. Only reason i would try it though is just to get a better understanding of how linux works.

No distro flame but arch does have the best designed logo.


How do you find it compared to arch?


hop on LFS room on freenode IRC, there are folk who claim they do.

Honestly you just do a lot of compilation, without learning too much. Maybe about different linux kernel config options.


Arch does win the logo game.



My favourite.