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I experimented with Arch for a while, great distro but ended up moving back to Ubuntu for the repos, then back to Windows as I was getting sick of lack of commercial application support eg Photoshop (and yes i know there is GIMP, its just not as advanced though) and Games


eg Photoshop (and yes i know there is GIMP, its just not as advanced though) and Games

Said PC_Master99. Oh kiddo…


I now are Arch on Chromebook.

Currently using Enlightenment DE.

Will try brennan's guide later. After a break.


I like the font in this picture:

How do I get it? I'm wanting to use it for the terminal. I'm using a 1024x600 screen. 


Has anyone here successfully switched from the open source ati/amd graphics driver to catalyst?  I have tried multiple times following the instructions in the wiki and nothing has worked.


I was writing this on winboos but it blue screened so now i am on arch!

hmm, the only issues i have arch my x-star 2560*1440 monitor doesn't work ( nvidia proprietary drivers) 

 and arch really doesn't like NTFS

anyone know a good winboos program that would let me move my media and so on to an ext4 drive?

oh yeah and why is Arch so awsome! even with kde it is very fast! (compared to winboos)


I really need an SSD my boot time on arch is 17 seconds.



 Another Arch user here.




Bumping with my current Layout..

My c720 is a perfect match for Arch.



Has anyone sucessfully installed MPD and Ncmpcpp? I cannot get it working. I can link my config files

Ncmpcpp config:



I've followed exacally what the Arch wiki says but nothing shows up in Ncmpcpp. I can see stuff in the database file but still nothing shows up in Ncmpcpp.


What if I'm running arch in a vm in arch?


Check the permissions on your ~/music folder and check which user is running mpd, ps -ef | grep mpd. I've been too lazy to figure out " systemd user ", so far, so I still do it the old way running mpd as user "mpd" and with the music folder at /var/lib/mpd/music and /etc/mpd/mpd.conf. If you want the service to run automatically at startup, systemctl enable mpd or run manually with just systemctl start mpd. If you have a large music library it will take a while to first build the database.


I'm thinking of trying Arch out... I tried it a year ago and failed, horribly lol. I know a lot more about Linux now. Anyone know of a good install guide or is Brennan's still applicable?


Riddel's guide is outdated because of systemd changes, plus he doesn't include a lot of important profile setups, like location, hostname, and networking.

The Arch "Beginner's Guide" is all you need.  Linky

Or if you want an automated install use Evolution to install Arch.   Linky


New to Linux and chose Arch as my distro. I spent so much time trying to install it I can now do it in 15 minutes. I kicked and punched things but it was worth the experience because now I know more than I would if I chose something like Ubuntu as my distro.


Same here my friend,

I downloaded virtualbox on my pc and installed Gentoo and Arch about 10 times each a piece until i really got what i was doing then dual booted arch on my laptop.

Tonight i suggested Arch to my friend because he wanted to try a more minimal OS and helped him install it on his laptop as well. I really dig Arch.

I'm running Arch with AwesomeWM and ZSH.


Pi FTW! that's how I got into Linux and all that jazz.


Same problems here. Thats the main reason I'm swithing to OpenSUSE as I type!


cool is just so mainstream.. I run arch but I also boot all the other OSes as well :P... I find arch nice only when I need minimal experiences... which arch does amazingly... and suprisingly.. the pacman package system is awesome

(i am not a fanboy of any distro)

My main distro unfortunatley makes me uncool.. Open Suse.. sorry arch I have to give it to them haha


Openbox Arch reppin.


btw I use Arch. Now for 3 years and counting. Love it to bits coz it allows me to customize it from blank slate, which is easier than deleting all the crap someone preinstalled.

Also I just really wanted to necro this.