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I'm addicted to Arch for laptops/desktops with about 10 machines locally and out in the world performing various tasks.

I chose to banish Windows from my realm a couple years ago or so. I still get a look at M$ and OS X when my friends and family need a fix. I always look for any opportunity to try to force people to use Linux. It practically never works but I keep trying.

I'm a big fan of "rat" machines so one thing I've come to love is the builtin systemd auto login. This helps keep boot times and memory use low which adds value to 6 year old and even much older machines.

X is started with:

# ~/.bash_profile
[[ -f ~/.bashrc ]] && . ~/.bashrc
[[ -z $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ]] && exec startx

I'm having trouble with the forum code in Chromium so I'll forgo posting other scripts until I get it sorted.


What is gaming like on Arch? Looking for personal insights, trials and tribulations etc.

Arch is of course my goto distro whenever I use Linux, but it has never become my main due to games.


I'm hoping Steam will eventually bring more functionality to Linux in general and maybe it has already but I'm not abreast of such wonders.  "Wine" is sometimes a nightmare but it's not always terrible and sometimes acceptable and it's free and is the base for Crossover Linux, which is a commercial solution which I have never tried but it seems I've heard it's a little better maybe sometimes.  Arch alleviates a little of the pain of the often inevitable brick wall collision with very recent versions of wine.  Of course, keep the wiki on your speed dial.


vm = bad?

wine = seems to suck less after you give it money



Does Manjaro count?


Nice succinct summary, thanks.


Arch with BSPWM club :D


Firetruck yeah! Bspwm is where it's at :)





Is it any better than awesome or xmonad?


Can you explain what you have running here and how you got it to this point? I like the look of this kind of setup but I cannot find a good guide on how to get something like that



Well, it's on Arch for starters. Not important, though.

IRC client is irssi, the clock is tty-clock, the music player is MPD with the ncmpcpp client, the PDF viewer is apvlv, and the color script is called "". The bar at the top is "Bar Ain't Recursive", a UTF-8 fork, and the WM is Bspwm. I use a fairly boring Bspwmrc, just the default without borders, and less useless space. I can type up an actual guide for installing Bspwm if you want, but there is a simple one called "Bspwm for Dummies".


Do it. Just make sure to use the "code" correctly, lol. We still need to fix that in the other thread.


Alright, I'll write that up tonight.


Running arch with the chakra repos, cinnamon desktop with pearl add-ons on my laptop. Working on my xenserver desktop running freebsd.


It seems that even ever I use GPT swap never works. I get an error during boot, something about a missing dependency. Does anyone know a fix?


Pics? That's really the only reason I want this thread - to look at other peoples' setups.


Would need an exact error.


I'm not using GPT at the moment so I can't get the error.


I tried installing Arch in VB to get the error but I f'd up somewhere. As soon as I see BrennanRiddell's guide on Bspwm I'll reinstall Arch on my laptop using GPT and post the error.


Thar you go.