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No, I finally got Openbox to look the way I like, and my Awesome config is nearly done.

I was once a distro hopper, then I found Arch. I was once a UI hopper, now I have Awesome.


Cyber, go to


So basically in that last paragraph you're telling Arch to run whatever WM you have on startup?


Yes. Put any other things in there you want to start with X, as well.


Got mine running but I need to get it boot up with another hard drive with Windows running, as I've disconnected the said drive prior to installation of Arch. And that might've screwed up the fstab.

If I got mine working at least (with XFCE-4) does it count? I will provide evidence then.

And something else, if you want to install it the UEFI way, don't burn the ISO to the disc, as it ruins the successful UEFI boot because the EFI won't mount at all. Use a 1GB or so USB drive. Also, it's preferred to copy the ISO to the USB using a live Linux distro or on OS X, Cygwin doesn't seem that useful.


Why wouldn't XFCE count? Welcome to the club! Screenshots please :)


installed xfce4, firefox keeps asking me to install flash but when i press install it says no suitble plugins found.


Startup finished in 347us (firmware) + 1.967s (kernel) + 374ms (userspace) = 2.342s


Why you would install Flash, I do not know. However, just install it via pacman.

$ sudo pacman -S flashplugin

Then, go ahead and install Yaourt to install Pacaur.

$ sudo pacman -S yaourt

$ yaourt -S pacaur


Posting from Arch with Gnome 3 on my laptop, can I join? :) It's a full install, no Windows.




Do you have the dropdown-console-extension for gnome3? It is very handy from time to time. :)


Pitchures, please :)


What's a good vm?


Good VM what?


I haven't done much yet.


Virtual machine? Or is there already a standard one?


I'm going to give Bspwm a try tonight. I already miss tiling, but don't want to go back to Awesome or i3.


Hey brennan, what should I do with my HDD before I start installing Arch? My hard drive is currently set up in dual boot with win7 and ubuntu but I want just Arch.


Well, if you don't want W7 or Ubuntu anymore, take off any important data, and format them with the Arch livedisk. Read the beginning of my guide if necessary, but gdisk your disk, delete your partition table, write a new one with a UEFI boot partition, a root partition, and a home partition, then format the boot to FAT32, and the rest to ext4.


So skip DBAN and just use the live disk? With the standard arch iso (I used the torrent link you gave) I burned to my USB drive, is the option to format built into that or do I need something else?