Arch Anywhere: a GUI installer for Arch Linux

Ante egos has an issue with gnome and those extensions site. Still trying to figure it out

And it has Suse Studio if you want to roll your own install before it is on metal. Click some boxes and boom an ISO.

I partway agree. I've done the arch install more times than I can count, and can basically do it in my sleep. Last month, I got half way through it and thought "shit, am I already this far?"

That said, sometimes I don't have the time to dedicate to manually selecting the packages, so I do like the benefit that something like Architect or Antergos provides. Boot, fill out your options, click run, come back and it's installed. Much easier than sitting there for 25 minutes pacmaning packages.

yea.... i have to agree. ive dont the basic arch install, and i would rather just use manjaro or antergos to be able to get up and grab some food. ill delete things i dont need later

Each of them serve their purposes. I'll still do a manual install when I can and if it serves the purpose, but I don't always have the time.

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by everyone except the bastion of logic that is the Arch forums, yes. i pick on them a lot, because i just find the cranial-to-rectum ratio that goes on there to be hilarious.

but seriously, if you ever need help on Antergos, and for some reason the Antergos forum is too slow or whatever, just go to the Arch forums and lie. i mean it, lie your ass off if it means you end up getting answers. eg "oh sure mate, yeah i'm totally using Arch proper. i know right? fuck those GUI plebs."

I personally see Antergos as Arch with an easy installer aswell.
But yeah any distro has its pro´s and con´s basicly.

No argument there I sort of faced their......."logic" once or twice when I was trying to figure the whole arch thing 3 yrs ago but nowadays I'm more of a ubuntu/debian/fedora/solus guy than an arch guy

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I think it's mostly due to the extensions not being compatible with the latest gnome version which is a very common occurrence on gnome regardless of the distribution, gnome tend to changes too many things too often under the hood and stuff