Arcade game i made

Hey guys!

I made this minimal arcade game this summer. Its inspired by super hexagon, so if you like that game i encourage you to play mine too.


Feedback will be appreciated.

What did you use/how did you program the game? I like the style of it and it is a fun challenge, and I would like to learn how to make games of my own. 

The trailer of the game looks very nice, too bad my phone is a bit old and I wont be able try it.

Sorry for the late reply, i don't remember to log in very often.

I have used cocos2dx. Its great platforms for starters, but depending on how much you have coded you might want to consider starting with action-script and flash develop.

Thanks! Yes, i had to put android 3.0 or higher due to the google play services sdk i was using. :/