Arc Midi 3.5" Adapter Faceplate

I'm looking for one o' these (the thing on the left)

Apparently this does not come with the Arc Midi R2. They don't seem to sell them either by the looks of it.

 Do any owners of the Arc Midi have a spare that they aren't using? I will pay for shipping and whatnot.


Anybody have any clue where I can acquire one?

You can try to contact Fractal Design to see if they can send/sell you one.  Some case manufacturers do this.

I have... Waiting on a reply from them. Hopefully they get back to me on this because it's kinda odd that they wouldn't have one of these in stock. 

Apparently it's in the Fractal Design FAQ that they no longer supply these things. Their suggestion is to buy an aftermarket faceplate.

I guess I'll have to give in and get the non-matching black plate :(