Apu with a gpu?

my brothers pc is using a FM2 socket motherboard with a athlon 750k black, and a gtx550ti. he wants to upgrade his cpu and his graphics card. but doesnt want to buy a new motherboard. my question is with amd new fm2 apu's (A SERIES) is it a good idea to buy one and run it with a 660 superclocked? or will it being a apu mixed with gpu bottle neck the system at all? or should i change the motherboard to am3+ and get a normal cpu with the card. please help!


I'd recommend switching the motherboard to am3+ because it opens so many paths for upgrading, and I don't believe AMD APU and Nvidia GPU mix well. Also, if he keeps the FM2 motherboard he can only get APU's in the future and APU's don't run nearly as well as a CPU and GPU, so I recommend just switching the socket over to am3+

What Mike said. Change the platform from FM2, it doesn't allow for any upgrade paths.

Get an AM3+ mobo, and new CPU (An FX6xxx chip), and carry across the current 550ti.

There is realy no point buying a APU just to use as a chip to drive a dedicated GPU these APU chips are cut down less powerfull chips with intergated video (that do not have a level 3 cache)

You can buy a cheap 760g mobo and a amd phenom ii x4 965 to run a 660 with no problems if price is a issue like this --> http://pcpartpicker.com/p/j9Mp

But a better option will be something like this --> http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mwgu

i would  pickup a FX6300 with a Asus M5A97 R2.0, and pickup a nice gpu like a 7870XT, or like copperman suggest with a 990FX chipsetboard, if he realy want´s open upgrade paths on cpu´s in the future.

thanks for the help guys :)


also, apu + gpu combo is awesome. i have one in my laptop.... however i wouldnt recommend it for a gaming desktop, unless it was very low budget.


more so, an apu can not x-fire with a nvidia card.