APU not performing as well as it should be?

Good day

My Dad recently gave me a Samsung laptop as a gift and being the good son that I am, I tried to use it for gaming.
I ran "can you run it?" tests online (even though the results are not always correct) and I was told that I could run League of Legends on high settings. But when I tried it i can barely manage to keep a stable 30fps at the beginning of the game and it stutters like hell mid-game (where there's a lot more objects in the map).

I will never buy a samsung laptop ever again :l

Btw here are the specs:

Are your drivers up to date? Have you deleted all the crap ware it comes with?

my driver is up to date and yes I deleted the crap ware except for the SW Update

1.1 GHz is really low. Are your power settings set to high performance? Seems like you may be in power saver mode. This could be your issue.

it's on idle, I'll post a pic of it in full load once I get home