APU Crossfire question?

Ok this might be a noobish question, but, is it possible to run like a Radeon 7870 in crossfire with like the A10-5800k 7660 or another graphics card like the Radeon 7870 and the Radeon 6670?

The fastest card you're going to be able to crossfire with an APU is the 6670.

Thank you! im just figuring out builds and what route i should take. So far a Non APU CPU is the better way to go.

Yeah, a normal CPU and a discrete graphics card is going to give you much better performance than an APU based system, unless you have a really tight budget.

Well if you bought a 7670 then you would be doing dual graphics on upcoming Richland... You have ordinary CPU's for FM2 sockets, but buy a decent mobo for AM3+ and FX 6300 and you are good to go.