APU Cooling

Hey guys, I recently decided to finally build a gaming PC and used Tek's latest budget video as a guideline. I got the AMD A10-6800k and was wondering if it was bad to use the simple fan that comes with the APU to cool it. Should I invest in a better cooling system? I didn't plan to overclock it right now and the case comes with 3 fans. I obviously just don't want my brand new system to overheat and the last time I really build a pc was close to 5 years ago. Thoughts? Thanks!

The stock cooler will fine if:

  1. You don't have really warm ambient temperatures (30c+)
  2. You don't mind some noise

If either of those are an issue, you should probably invest in an aftermarket cooler.

The stock heatsink is designed to allow the CPU to run at stock speeds.  So basically you won't NEED an aftermarket cooler, but for 30 bucks you can get the cooler master 212 evo.  Why not preserve the life of the CPU and give you the option of overclocking later if you decide to?  Not to mention it will be quiter, and look cooler.