APU compatibility with dedicated card?

Question about the compatibility issue ive been hearing about.


Say im building a pc with the a10 apu at 4.1ghz. If I were to use a dedicated grphics card with 2gb, I heard that the gpu integrated within the cpu would stop running and only run the dedicated card.


Is that true? If not could I get buy with 1gb dedicated of both are running?

Yes that is true, the dedicated graphics inside the APU will be disabled with a dedicated card installed

You can run  the Igpu with a 6670 1 or 2 gb, it would be about as fast as a single 7770.

A fx 6300 with a hd 7850 for around the same price would blow that out of the water though.

Ok well would it be worth getting a cpu and a dedicated gpu rather than the apu...because the apu is like 149.99


Instead of say a 70.00$ cpu and a 200$ gpu. 


Would the difference eeally be drastic? Because as far as my understanding of an apu is...as long as u have 8gb of fast ram you should be ok. Any thoughts?

A CPU and dedicated GPU is more worth it than an APU, with an APU you only can run games at low to medium depending on the games, but with say an 8350 and a 7950 you will run most everything on high or max

Well those two combined is a bit rough on pricing. I was hoping to get a build around 500 to 600...feasible? 

i would go with CPU and dedicated GPU i have a a106800k richland and it ok for games on low seting 

Ok thanks for the help guys I appreciate it. 

500-600 is easy http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1LRP3

Thats with overclocking, if you dont want to oc you can save on the mobo and heatsink and get a 7950.

Goodies. I might purchase all those things after checking out the mobo and cpu...


Do you know if that cpu and mobo support about 4.1ghz oc? I may get liquid cooling if I find a good deal.

4.1 shouldnt be too hard, if your chip is decend and doesnt need much voltage you could even get 4.5 with a 212 (Temps should be max around 65, the fx chips cant stand the heat). Even on stock its way better than the cpu of the a 10 6800k though (that one only has a 750k @4.1 for a cpu  inside).

The mobo i posted is for budged overclocking, i wouldnt go crazy with a 8350 and that, but a 6300 is fine since it has a way lower tdp. Other options would be the 970a-ud3 (15 $ more, better) or of course a 990 board

When you say oc. Are you referring to the GPU...or cpu and gpu...

So if i were to get up in price a bit...what motherboard would be best? cuz if i can get way more performance for a bit more money its not that big a deal

For the 6300 oc (95w tdp)you could use the cheaper board since you should be able to push the cpu to the limits with adequate cooling. a 990 chipset board would allow crossfire/sli (not really worth it for a single monitor), the ud3 would also be good to overclock a 8320 or 8350.

Anyway, if you dont get it for cheap a watercooler probably doesnt make sense in your price range. You are better of buying stronger hardware than pushing a 110$ cpu with a 110$ cooler.

The next best thing you could do to improve the performance is to get a 7950  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1M7Tz  --> 40% more performance and saints row 4 for free

Get the 6300 up  to around 4.5 and the 7950 to around 1200 core, that should kill everything in 1080p.