APU build

If i were to buy a AMD Richland 6800k with an AsRock FM2 A85X (M-ATX), would i be able to Crossfire the APU's IGPU with 2 7750 which are connected with the PCI-E sockets on the motherboard, then could i have 3-way crossfire with 2 7750's and the 8670D (the IGPU on the APU). In theory I would have 3-way crossfire with the 7750's and the IGPU on the 6800k. I would appreciate it if you were to reply to my post so that I could start building my system.

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    Mohammed Hassan (I'm an curious 19 year old)

at 150 for apu, 100 for each gpu

you could probably get a 6300 and a 7950 (it'll be worlds better)

Dont do that..just..dont...

if you want good performance go with a SINGLE CARD. crossfire causes problems alot.

plus what overlord nick said is true

Thank you for your help.


I have personal experience with an APU and I have to say that I would only ever reccomend and APU system for a general purpose computer (web browsering etc.), older games, or an htpc.