Apt vs apt-get, which is ''right?''

I use Ubuntu. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 with Kernel 5.0.

And I’m wondering something. When looking for help for problems I have in Linux, I often see solutions to type into terminal concerning installing things. And I usually see either ‘‘apt-get’’ or just plain ‘‘apt’’.

Is there a ‘‘right’’ one to use? Or is there a preferable one to use? Or ‘‘correct’’ one to use?

As I have been able to glean from tons of different sources they basically do the same thing, but they’re kinda interchangeable? Or does one have more benefits than the other? Or is one replacing the other?

Some clarity on this subject would help alot. And I just like learning things.


apt-get is a frontend for apt.
either works, just dont confuse them as the syntax is slightly different.
i personally prefer aptitude as my apt frontend.

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Ok, i’ve heard of aptitude too.

What is the difference when using any of these. Can you cite examples? If so that would be awesome!

apt is preferred now over apt-get but either works.

apt-get has been deprecated in Ubuntu and the way forward to just use apt.

So you’re not wrong in using apt-get, just using the now-deprecated way.


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aptitude has some nice features

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give a more specific thread title, next time.

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Basically, just what you prefer honestly.

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I was just changing it when you did for me lol.


no worries :wink:

also pacman apt is “right” :wink:

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Dear Sir/Madam



I would run arch as I’m not a complete computer noob, but I rely on my pc for work at the moment. And with how rolling releases tend to have major breakage when you least want it, I can’t. But I plan to give it a go on my mom’s old pc I’m getting next month to give it a go.

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apt is cleaner and more verbose imo

200% derailing your thread, but let me just interject for a moment and tell you that i use arch at work and it’s been 100% fine for 4 months now

also couple of years of stability as a home PC daily

can’t stop the archgek


apt has a progress bar, and is therefore superior in every way.


Dnf is the only right way

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From the man pages, apt is “designed as an end-user tool and it may change behaviour between versions, if a change seems beneficial for interactive use.”
apt-get and apt-cache are lower-level tools and “you should prefer using these commands (potentially with some additional options enabled) in your scripts as they keep backward compatibility as much as possible.”

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What about Debian or is this another short sighted “Ubuntu knows better” decision?

Since apt and aptitiude are simply frontends for apt-get I don’t see how it could ever be deprecated.

“Deprecated” in the same sense as it’s on the same list as ifconfig. That list tends to eventually get truly deprecated.