April Contest: Show Us How To Awesome!?

Who wants a free Z170 or 270 motherboard? This contest is community only meaning you have to participate here to win. And be judged by your peers! (mostly!)

We’ve got this awesome Wiki/Guides category:

So I think the rules are pretty simple:

Write a guide or how to on anything (it need not be complicated) and post it to the wiki section. Whatever post gets upvoted by the most pre-existing community members will win the prize, or they can elect to give it to someone else. We will try to ship worldwide but if the shipping is over $70 we might ask the winner to help pay shipping. We might even be able to throw in a crap-tier Pentium CPU :smiley:

To help deter shenanigans, the mod team and site admins reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason.

As the idea is to turn these guides into “Community Wiki” posts – keep that in mind that “your” guide may evolve over time and that by contributing your guide you are giving level1 the rights to use it/post it/modify it here.

It’s a bit informal, but this is the first thing we’ve done like this.

I decree the judging shall be around 5/15 but we reserve the right to move it farther out if need be.

Some community members have already contributed wicked awesome guides so if they get a polish or refresh for 2018 we can either consider them in the running or I can probably scrounge runner-up prizes.

Watch this space for changes/etc. Since this is our first one, if there is anything we can do to make it more awesome let us know!

Guide on what?! Could be anything! Look around the wiki category for existing stuff. I’d love to see a mix of Windows and Linux guides, for sure.


Reserved. Is a thing.


great idea on helping get more guides on the forum and I’m looking forward to what people will be posting in the next few days

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