Application design and export


I'm a student for my first degrees in applied mathmatics and computer science and I had several courses about c,c++,c# and phython programming.
The problem is I can program but that's it.. I can write code on paper but I haven't got a clue about what to do next.
for example, I want to write an application for and alarm clock and I know how to do it from a programming stand point. But how do I design a UI? how do I create an executable? 

Cheers, dengreen1995

After I got to where you were in my experience with programming, I found the best thing to do is to look up some tutorials. Tutorials are a great help, even if you're a programmer for your whole life, entering something new isn't always easy. Sometimes the best way is to just to look up tutorials. 

any good ones you can reccomend? I don't know what to search for.. 

hi threre dengreen1995 .. first aff all you have to gaet an idea what app u whant ad what functionalatys u hant to build in. The next step is to think up what UI elements u nedd for  this navigationbars, butttons..nav bars and so on , create the tdesign.. using Gimp or Photoshop, implement the design. and write the coode for the app.

if you are in to mobile apps u can fine a lot of cool tutorials or and choeese  the field that you want.

the best way as you start to start a project ... is to write down all of you ideas ... what you want in thet aplication.. how you whantit to work.. and make a wireframe(a basic layout how an where you whant your application to look)..

Hope this helps!

use other software for reference until you get use to the nature of how it works,  then do it your own way. like what's comfortable for your personal use.