Apple's new iPhone 6 supposedly has no headphone jack?

I've recentley come across an article claiming that the iPhone 6 will not have a headphone jack. Now if this is true we know why they truly bought beats. I'd love to hear your guy's opinion on this.




This is the article.

They'd have to be insane to cut the 3.5mm jack from the iPhone, at least today.

I wouldn't be surprised, however, if Beats and apple came up with some Apple-specific headphones that got a little more power from the phone via the lightning connector for active noise cancellation or some other gimmicky feature.

it wouldn't effect just headphones but also all those credit card swiping things

They would make new accessories that are lightning and charge more so its like a complete switch to all apple users from 3.5mm to lightning but possibly mainly for them to force you to buy a pair of beats with your iphone until other companies get licenses to make lighting connector headphones.

sounds like Apple... being.... Apples (hold your tongue while saying) lol

And the reason they gave was that it makes it easier to switch between digital and analog audio. Yea right, as if the average apple user even cares about that stuff. While the rest of the industry is moving towards established standards, apple sticks their head further up their asses. I almost feel sorry for those fanboys who buy whatever they put out.

I HIGHLY Doubt it for two reasons. one its stupid and won't work out cause there are too many headphones that use the 3.5mm jack. and two because there has been dummy iPhone 6 Models that many tech users on youtube like Marquees Brownlee and Elric from T.O.T have shown on their channels that companies have been using to make cases for the iphone 6 and it has the headphone jack on the dummy iPhone 6 and on the cases made for it.

Maybe in future models it could be a possibility but for now not so much.

I doubt that they would do something so stupid and backwards, but then again, if they actually did release an iPhone with some bullshit proprietary headphone jack, I don't think many people would complain - most iPhone users who want a different set of headphones than those shitty iPhone/iPod plugs buy Beats headphones anyway. 

If this comes to be, my ipad mini retina will be the last iDevice I own. I can't afford to buy a pair of beats headphones now as it is. And if I'm forced into going that way, well lets say that there are just as good tablets and phones as the ones that come from apple out there that I can turn to that won't lock me into buying only apple products. If they do go this way, I hope this burns apples ass big time. You can only push people sofar before they wake up and realize that it's just not that worth it to have to use what you want them to just because it has your logo stamped on it.

To be honest, if anyone remembers the EU passed a resolution that basically says manufacturers have to create universal chargers for their devices. By making the headphones go through lightning they can avoid having to change their design

apple is not stupid the title is sensationalist but the key is here:


"Make no mistake Apple is not stupid. It knows the state of the headphone market and it knows the risk of trying to impose too much too quickly. That said there is a very simple and effective roll out trajectory:

1. Announce the technology with Beats and headphone partners
2. Unveil clever third party app integration
3. Make this integration inaccessible in any other way
4. Make Lightning port to 3.5mm headphone jack adapters expensive and bulky
5. In a few years remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from Apple devices citing legacy, greater design flexibility and extra space for a bigger battery"

this rollout if it does happen wont happen overnight it will be a step by step thing i say it would start with the iphone 6 having the support for lighting port headphone connectivity then take it from there

They can do what they want but they'll have to make the converter or splitter.

But the phone itself still sounds interesting.

so you bought expensive headphones? guess what you'll need to buy our other headphones for our new iphone.


typical apple shit. new accessories for new products. now they found a way to make you replace your headphones and everything else that uses the 3.5mm jack.

Apple is going to leverage their brand loyalty to make manufacturers produce lightning headphones. They are probably going to pair Beats with the lightning connector to produce a higher quality sound. If they do phase out the headphone jack, depending on their timing, it will be suicide or just another shift in the design of products. 

They'll give it to you and you will ASK FOR IT!!

there are three main reasons they can get away with this:

  • Solid Hardware: their products are sexy and, generally speaking, well built.
  • Intuitive & Solid Experience: their products are easy to use and fit for purpose. They work. OSX works. Macbook Pro works. iPod works. iTunes works.
  • They have an eco-system they can leverage. All of their products work seamlessly with one another. If you have more than one Apple product chances are if you buy something else you'll miss the integration out of the box.

Most people on this site, me included, are tinkerers of one sort or another. We don't mind, or actually enjoy, the process of working with technology and/or software. Most of the rest of the world want (or need) something that works and is fit for purpose from the get go. For the time being, this is apple.

the only apple product i've bought has been a Macbook pro. It's 5-6 years old and is solid. Bought it in protest to windows. I'm actively trying not to buy an iPhone because i don't want to be locked in to their ecosystem and end up extorted just because other options are more work, are ugly, flimsy, unreliable, or are, for the lack of a better phrase POS.

The move is just too abrupt. Just like MS killing off the Start menu all of the sudden.