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Just a quick appreciation of Apple. I got a big white band down the screen (maybe 1/4 of the screen) the other day. Everything else worked, touch etc. it was just the display that was broken. Took it into the Apple store hoping maybe they can fix it that day… I wasn’t sure if that was a thing, but i was supposed to leave today for a 400 mile trip back to my work where there’s no apple store easily accessible, and i happened to be in a city before leaving (city = apple store).

Turns out they do fix screens the same day, they fix it in 1 hour, and were great. Fixed my phone for free (using the warranty) and i was away by lunch. :smiley:

I’d have honestly been a bit screwed with an android phone in this situation, fixable, but not 1 hour in store fixable.


In this capital city of nowhere I live, there are at least 3 stores that advertise screen replacement in 30 minutes.

I really hope this was a real fix and not a “to the shredder and hand out a new unit”-fix.


That is genuinely impressive and kind of surprising, I thought apple policy was never to keep parts on hand.


I’m sure there are places in town that will do 3rd party screen replacements, but that’s not something id want on a fairly new phone, or even necessarily and old phone, it would also screw the warranty, and you don’t know what they’re putting in.

It was definitely just a screen replacement, they did advise if there was internal damage it might be a new phone but it was only the screen that was damaged.

Fyi, if it was a phone replacement, the old phone gets recycled anyway.

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At minimum they store screens for all iPhone models as far as i can see, from the sounds of it they also store batteries, and probably some macbook parts as well. The guy said it takes about 40 minutes to replace an iPhone screen.

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I would sure hope the remains do not get dumbed on Chinas or Indias shores.

You can read some info here https://www.apple.com/euro/environment/pdf/a/generic/Apple_Environmental_Responsibility_Report_2019.pdf

They dissemble the phones to recover and recycle as much of the material as they can, their Daisy robot seems to do a fair job of disassembling parts for proper recycling.

@Eden Have you not been watching Louis Rossmann? The amount of recyclable materials they recover is negligible at best.

FYI: Don’t just source your information from apple to confirm facts, make sure to check other sources otherwise it’s propaganda.

Anyway, I’m happy that you got a time restraint fix for your phone and it’s working!


Louis Rossmann has insider knowledge of their recycling? Their report is fairly transparent on what they are and aren’t doing, you’d also be suggesting that they pay off Fraunhofer, Bureau Veritas, and the SEC? Or perhaps you never read the report?

People are quick to jump on the apple hate is seams.


To balance things out (insert Thanos meme here)…

I had a Cinema Display dying weeks after the one year warranty ended. Apple: “Get fucked! lol”
Luckily I bought it on Amazon because they simply gave me my money back. All of it.

So … fuck Apple!

I really don’t think anyone properly recycles electronics. Unless I physically see it for myself I will assume they just dump it in India.

To balance it out, what I really like about Apple is their UI design philosophy.

There are a few glaring problems. The biggest one beeing that exporting waste from North America and the EU (countries that have the GDP to deal with their waste) is a viable business strategy.
Then there is no viable way to mass recycle electronics.

There are lakes in India with a PH of 2, others with a PH of 14. There is a contintent sized waste field floating in the oceans. In the developed nations, an effort to reduce waste output needs to be undertaken yesterday.


In defense, people don’t realise the fact a majority of Android devices becomes unsupported, thus people would be quick to abandon a device in question, if you’re speaking in an Average Joe’s POV. These people are not interested in doing nerdy software customisation. All they want is a phone that is still current by today’s and yesterday’s standard. Sometimes you can’t convince them for a fair compromise.

Ok, actually I just read up on some sources to verify the impression I got from some of the google IO talks. Apparently, it’s not all cherry blossoms in that regard as “Project Mainline” (witch is what google calls it) will only work with Android Q and above. Kinda got the wrong idea from watching some of the google IO things. So it does not really immidiately do anything for currently outdated devices, but will do so for new devices running Android Q and later (witch is still in beta). Some of the decoupling is already implemented, but not nearly to the point it will be then.

Whatever I wrote before the EDIT above:
Though thats now only partially true. Google is basically decoupling all the security related stuff from Android versions into modules they can put into the playstore, hence Android versions dont actually matter as much any more. That is… unless youre huawai and banned from the store. Its really not that bad to be running Android 7 now, unless you want Android 9 features. It does not mean anything to the average joe anyways. They dont even know what Android version they are running, so why would they replace it because of it? They replace it because their contractor gives them a new phone for 0$ is more likely the cause than Android version.

thread… derailed.
Why cant we have nice things.


I like how my ipod touch still works after 8 years, still on ios6 though

They just released possibly the “really last this time” ipod. :slight_smile:

Might actually get one just to have some IOS device to play with. It’s much cheaper than the iphones. Although, 4’ screen is really small, so not sure.

I explained this the other week, but this is what’s wrong with this community.

OP: Hey, I had a good experience with a company.

User 2: Oh, you did? Don’t you know other organizations advertise better?

OP: Sure, I am sharing my positive experience here, not looking for advice.

User 3: I had a hardware failure out of warranty and they wouldn’t help me. Fuck the company you had a good experience with

I’m fed up with the negativity here. To everyone who came in here to shit on Apple: Go be a disgruntled loser somewhere else.


The customer experience is one thing (currently have a shitty one with PreSonus…), what happens on the inside of the company is another thing.

Let’s be real here, Apple is not liked arround here for a few reasons. If “:heart: Apple” is not clickbait, I don’t know.

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All 3 of my experiences with Apple support have been positive.

  1. I was given an iMac G3. However admin rights were locked and I didn’t know how to reset. Called up Apple support but the operator didn’t know the ins and outs of the ancient OS. He called his manager who worked through with me from memory and got me all set.

Other 2 times were less impressive, but I always appreciate calling and having someone who is friendly to answer my questions.