Apple wired keyboard USB hub full power fix? (Windows 8)

Hey guys its me again asking for some help with my PC which I have only had since last Saturday haha.

Anyway, I have a wired Apple Keyboard with the numeric keys and 2 USB hubs on the sides. When ever I plug in my 8GB USB flash drive I get a message pop up saying 'The hub does not have enough power to support the USB Mass Storage Device' and so I have searched around online for ways to fix with because I know my USB will work, I have used this keyboard on my old iMac and all the tutorials I find are for WIndows 7 which isn't to much of a problem because I know how to navigate through the 'regedit' thing but I always get denied access on my admin account and I can't find a tutorial online for Windows 8 specifically, can someone help me please?

I was following this video....  ....which helped up until 5:50 where I started having problems with permissions.

Thanks in advance, Matt

Just a quick suggestion, If I am correct you said you used the usb stick with the same keyboard on your old iMac? And now you have moved to a PC or are you running windows on the mac?

If you moved to a new PC just make sure you are pluging the Keyboard into a Powered USB socket, I know that sometimes pre built PC's dont always give the full amount of power to all usb sockets (I cant speak if you built it yourself as I dont know much about the Mobo's, I've only just built my own first PC).

Thats just a point to check if you allready havent instead of trying to complicate things with software, If it doesnt work maybe you were on the right track in the first place.