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Apple to let small independent repair shops repair iPhones


Apple trialed the “Independent Repair Provider Program” across 20 stores across North American, Asia, and Europe. And the program will officially start in the USA as of today! Other country announcement days haven’t been released.

Excerpt from link above to #saveyouaclick:

Who can apply?

Companies interested in performing out-of-warranty iPhone repairs may apply.

Parts resellers and distributors are not eligible for this program.

What are the requirements?

Business and operational requirements

Companies applying are required to be an established business, with business verification documents available for review by Apple. Apple’s repair tools, training, service guides, and diagnostics must be kept confidential.


The premises must be in a commercially zoned area, a residential address is not acceptable as a service location.

Technician Certification

Participating service companies using iPhone genuine parts are required to have Apple-certified technicians perform the repairs.

Becoming certified to repair Apple products requires passing exams through an online Authorized Testing Center. Certifications are updated on a per product basis annually.

Detailed information about Apple Certifications preparatory courses and exams can be found here.

To Apply

We are currently accepting applications from businesses in the US. Please submit an email to [email protected] providing all of the information below:

  • Legal business name (Inc. DBA if applicable) under which the business conducts its operations
  • Principle/owner
  • Location address(es) (note: Apple does not accept home offices or PO Boxes)
  • Location phone number
  • Your business domain email address
  • Your business website
  • Previous experience or history with Apple as a Service Provider or Reseller


  • Apple will not consider applications that do not meet the program requirements.
  • Meeting program requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.
  • Apple reserves the right to reject any application without comment.
  • Apple will not consider applicants that use Apple trademark terms as part of any company name or web pages unless such use complies with the Apple Trademark Terms.

To learn more about all of the service and repair programs Apple offers, visit

From watching my local news, to be continually eligible, at least one Apple certified technician must be employed by the business. And Apple will train employees for free to be Apple certified technicians. The price for the parts will be the same as the cost give to official Apple authorized re-sellers.

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@eden. :smiley:



I would imagine Apple is doing this to help their public image. There are a lot of counterfeit Apple parts out there, and consumers think that they are getting legit Apple parts when they are going to independent repair shops. So, what I would imagine happens when a user needs a new battery and heads to a non authorized Apple repair store, is they get a battery branded with the Apple logo,and they think that its genuine. Then when the battery fails a few months latter, they go out on the internet and they tell their friends that Apple products suck. And they should spend their money elsewhere. But because now these small independent repair stores get authentic parts the number of people receiving non authentic parts will fall and the number of people who go out and talk shit about Apple, even tho it was their fault in the first place for not going to an authorized place, will fall.

Also, to keep the bad guys (the Chinese knock off sellers and manufacturers) from getting money.



If Apple just had the option for businesses to aquire spare parts, then counterfit parts would not be a problem.
This is locked down so far, most independant repair shops will not meet the requirements.



Apple will train people for free tho…



I hope this works well.

I can see where Apple comes from isn’t his regard, people get their phone ‘fixed’ and in reality they got the repair bodged. The idea of authorised repairs is that they should meet a certain standard, and people should be able to keep their warranties and know they’re using legitimate parts.

I personally don’t see an issue with making authorised partners. I’d has sounded like it was to difficult to become one… apparently, so perhaps this will help.

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I can’t wait for the Rossman video that is probably coming.

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This is interesting wording.



Indeed, especially because Apple is positioning this as the un-certified option:

The Independent Repair Provider program is designed for companies interested in offering out-of-warranty iPhone repairs.

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This automatically excludes Rossman group. Also excludes 90% of repair shops in Bulgaria.



Also knocks out Aremis’ house