Apple Swift or Python Web development?

Hello Everyone,

I need your opinion If you tried one of the mentioned programming languages. I’m new to Python Flask and I’m using it for simple projects from the internet nothing serious and I was planning to continue learinig Python Flask until I saw swift, and I started to like the way the language looks and the Xcode enviorment but I’m not sure If I will be capable of using swift, since I will start from the begining becuase my knoledge in the language is very basic, but for some reason I feel like it’s an easy language to learn, easier than Pyton but I don’t know, any advices which one should I learn?



Python (Flask) and Swift are very different languages.

What’s the big picture? Are you studying to be a professional programmer? Just exploring? Give us some details about what you want to achieve.

Yes I want to be a professional programmer, and I would love to create either apps or websites I don’t mind creating anything as long as I feel comfortable to do it. I want to learn so I can start creating.

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When ever it comes to questions like these…

“Which should I learn?”

Both. Which ever. What ever. All of them. None of them.

He hit in on the head.

And since

Learn as much as you can.

Then why even ask the qestion of “which should I learn for development”, because the answer is anything you want. There is no silver bullet.

Wanna learn web development stuff? Sure! Go learn Flask, and then learn Django if you wanna stick with python. If you really wanna dig into into someting modern learn ES6+ES7 javascript full stack development and graphql or server-side with Nodejs.

If you wanna make native apps for only iOS then sure go do it. If you wanna make PWA (progressive web apps) that work on any platform then go do it.


You will have to decide for yourself what you want. But, if you want to know the current trend of the industry and follow that; its full stack javascript, nodejs, and PWA.

Native app development is becoming less and less; partly because native development is tied to the platform and platform specific stuff is dying off. Native is still required for kernel/system level programming where performance matters, but for everyday use webapps are great. They’re great to develop for and they run on just about anything.


Since you are a greenhorn I would have you stay on python. Its used for both system and web development so you don’t have to make any hard choice about which direction you want to go in.

Learn how to make an app with python, there are others on this forum who have made a small video game with it, or you could try to make a browser game.

I would say, stay flexible. It doesn’t end once you learn a language. Being a programmer is not about learning a language, its about solving problems; the language is just implementation detail.

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Thanks for the response, Yes I’m thinking of learning multiple languages even for small projects, but I hope I can learn two languages at the same time.