Apple – September Event 2016 ( CRINGING SO HARD )

I think that could be a pretty cool event.

I feel like this is going to turn into an exclusive apple hate thread lol


lmao i just don't like how much they have their heads up their own ass. Look at tim cook just every second manipulating and shit.

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Why wouldn't it lol


People can have opinnions about Apple products they want.
I have personaly used macs in the past, and they are pretty nice.
However i personaly would not buy any apple products myself, because their stuff is overprised.

That's the point lol They're snake oil salesmen . They tell you this is the best, while it's far from, and have you met apple fanboys? haha

lol no but i generaly read trough the fanboyism that fanboys have to say about certain products.
And i mainaly pick the info that realy matters.
But yeah they are selling their stuff way to expensive.
allthough the apple cinema displays are realy good.

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"retina HD display is the best display on any smartphone"

Not OLED, 1080p

What ass are they getting this out of?


Miyamoto is not impressed

Yeah and so are their Ipads. But let's be honest here apple got where they got with gimmicks.


"every year the iPhone is the fastest smartphone on the market"

Sorry about the time bar
This is just a heavy synthetic load but.... I mean...
And it's "water cooled" with ice water and plastic bags so best case scenario

how do i read this graph lol
what are the numbers?


Dear apple.



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and they exploit people..

say it slowly.

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Not as terrible as Microsoft does it.
And Google does it aswell.


Microsoft are angels they share all my data FOR FREE with other companies and I resent you trash talking them /s . Google will bring robots who can wipe our asses faster than we ever could...

just think about that.

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