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Apple losing me as a customer


Apple has supported devices with hardware replacement above and beyond warranty if there are problems like Nvidia or AMD GPU issues (both of them have happened in the past - HP and DELL did basically fuck all beyond their normal warranty. Apple were still doing free repairs for AMD GPU impacted 2011 machines until december LAST YEAR. 6 years…).

I have friends who have walked in with a broken machine and walked out with a new one. No questions asked other than a demonstration of the problem. In fact, he did this THREE TIMES with an original model Retina Macbook (not pro) until they took the third one back due to keyboard issues and he got a Macbook Pro.

You can’t really compare enterprise network switch support to end user laptop machines anyway.

Overall, Apple warranty or after-sales support is far and away better than 99% of the industry. Apple do many things wrong (including as above, design issues), but customer service is one thing they normally do right.

On the flip-side i will NEVER forgive DELL for throttle-gate.

Google it.

2008 or so, E series Latitudes, i was given the run around for SIX MONTHS on this issue, and eventually changed laptop vendor for our company over it.


Yeah, we had dozens of those latitude pieces of crap in our NOC. The poor guys complained constantly, and even started spending their own money (!) on laptop cooling pads. That’s when you know it’s a real problem, when L1 engineers spend their own money on something for work.


It was that bad, i was sending out OLD D series latitudes to the other side of the world in preference to BRAND NEW E series machines because i had far more confidence in say, a D620 latitude being more reliable than the brand new E6500s we were getting.

I was keeping the E series machines in the head office, not because “fuck those guys” but purely because I knew they’d be coming back and didn’t want the remote guys in places like Kazakhstan and Zambia to be without machines for a few weeks turn-around…

That’s just nuts. The E series was THAT bad. We raised it with our local DELL rep who basically called me a liar and said “we have a 1% failure rate”.

I went through 20 bios revisions in 6 months from DELL basically fobbing customers off with it being a BIOS fault.

The root cause was that the CPU and GPU were on the same heatsink and the GPU would throttle the CPU down to 5mhz (no, i’m not joking, i logged it) for 5-10 minutes at a time. The machine would basically freeze for 5-10 minutes until it cooled down, then come good… repeat cycle, under any sort of workload involving GPU.

DELL tech response was “these machines aren’t intended for that workload”. Sure buddy… they might not be good at 3d, but they DID SHIP with a 3d processor that we paid good money for, and under no circumstances should a machine just freeze like that…


Replacing an LCD and having the phone lock down has nothing to do with security. whether the part is OEM or not.

replacing the fingerprint reader is debatable.


screen could have some chip in-bedded in the display path, hence security concern


whatever this “chip” you speak of could be, I cant think of one way it could impact security.

Plus, I’d like to see this chip and know it’s use. but if there isnt any (that could impose a security threat) , (which i know there isnt because I do iphone screen replacements on the side as a source of income to play with) there’s no security implications period. This is all about control.

Use reasoning rather than blindly believing what apple as a company with profitable bias, says.


I was trolling, guess it wasnt obvious enough


I feel you. I think I’m gonna go back to android after I make the most out of my iPhone7+. The prices are just too much now.


I love the Note 9, just wish it was de-google-ized. I hear rumors (mention on youtube tech videos) about some phones coming out in asia with no google. Hope they come here too.

Meanwhile I got apple to replace my malfunctioning 6 Plus. I’m sticking with it until it dies or apple adds a headphone jack, or the google-less phones come out here. My 6 Plus lasted 4 years, hope this one does too.


Those Chinese phones come with no google play, true. Instead they have state-mandated spyware and a hodgepodge of any of a dozen appstores, primarily filled with pirated apps, and all censored by the government. Still want that?


Just a few days after Louis Rossman in a CBC piece makes crApple look like shit… they come after him with the help of the federal government. So crApple will not repair or even offer parts for a piece it declares “vintage” AND will actively try to stop the repair of said piece. Convenient timing… is convenient.


Yeah, Tesla does the same thing. It sucks, and is a legit reason to avoid Apple, if you need one.


It isn’t too bad if you consider you can generally either buy 2 iphones for every 3 times you replace an android device and/or the fact that iphones actually have resale value.

if your current iphone 7+ was an android device it would likely be out of support by now.


Try and get repairs on a 7-8 year old Dell laptop and get back to me.


That is not a valid statement. An avergae joe with a screwdriver and google can fix a Dell laptop and open it in 10 minutes.

Apple is an entirely different story, yes high quality build structure can be inherently difficult to access. But they not only do that but purposefully make it difficult for anyone other than an experienced person to access the components for repair.


also most new phones have the same build quality as Apple, my LG V30 is the same quality and size as the XS Max; but it came out a year before. For Apple phones now the resale value isnt really caused by their products quality; but the brand name. Thats all apple really has left going for them.


Really? Other than soldered RAM (which is no different to a lot of other manufacturer’s ultra compact models) Apple is no different (save for the recent component keying, which is for security).

Except they offer free out of warranty repair for known defects (e.g., 2011 AMD GPU issue repaired for free until 2017, Nvidia GPU issue in previous models repaired for extended period), whereas any other vendor abandons you.


And the LG has maybe 1 year left in it before LG dump the phone.

The backwards logic is used everywhere, I don’t think it’s deliberate though, but it’s a bit silly.


Continually pay for support until they no longer accept it, there are people crazy enough to buy 8 years of support outright.


Can you even do that? I know they wanted to shit-can our re-badged EMC array support at >5 years (this was some years back).