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Apple losing me as a customer


Reread the OP please. This thread is about why I’m upset at Apple and they are loosing me as a customer.

Yeah, your probably right they might not bring back the headphone jack.

But if enough of us protest and withhold our money they might change their minds.

I hold out hope.


I agree with everything you have said :slightly_smiling_face: . but In my usage I don’t get annoyed by the notch ( btw I didn’t buy iPhone X , its a gift I can’t even afford it) and about the headphone jack its a move to force the wireless stuff which is a bad move in my opinion but someone had to do it (that is my opinion , if apple didn’t do it then Samsung had to and no one else big enough of a player to force wireless to happen on phones )

about the upgrade memory and ram etc… that I am with you 100% many devices they have it could have been made in a way to be upgradable.

I use apple products because of one only advantage that I can’t get with windows/andriod combo , continuity + echo system , the way that apple products work together :confused: is the way that all smart devices should interact together as a minimum standard otherwise shouldn’t even be called smart phones or computers.

man When I click copy on this text I am writing now from my mobile I go to my MacBook I click paste and its all here , I just open safari and find the same page I have open in my phone . seriously windows + android have to do something together to get them working together like this.


The headphone jack is 100% “meh” for me personally.

I barely use it and I’ve always thought that wired headphones suck on a portable device. The wires snag everywhere. We have the technology to do better, and Apple ditching the 3.5mm jack will help push the market for better wireless devices.


For me, the Win + Android ecosystem worked well for me and my Nexus 7 Gen 2 right up until the USB port on the tablet decides not to cooperate. Those things weren’t built to last.


maybe because you didn’t use the apple continuity , maybe its like 144hz vs 60 XD once you go there you can’t go back type of thing .

I don’t know I just get frustrated how I use my desktop pc then jump to my android tablet and can’t continue writing the email or have the screen shot from my tablet instantly on the pc. ( maybe am just spoiled technologically hhh) I just think the technology of wireless we have today and the performance of the current devices are capable to give us hassle free echo system its just the different platforms in the way, if chromium and chrome books get very popular I think we will see how android interact with a pc and that time will win me.

I use Nvidia shield tablet.


Bro. My mum just got an iPhone. And she let me set it up. And working with an iPhone was something that i never done. And I was transferring over her stuff, and Apple even asked if it was OK to download the iOS versions of the Android apps she had. I thought that that was pretty cool.



The best apple “wow” story i had recently (well, 12-24 months ago) was when i had an existing apple wifi network with an old airport extreme and an airport express.

I was expecting it to be a 1-2 hour plus job to replace my old airport extreme with a new one and integrate it into my network (wiping devices, setting up the network again from scratch to replace the main AP, etc.). The process was literally a 5-10 minute affair and it literally went down like this:

  • unbox new airport extreme
  • get prompted that my mac found an unconfigured airport extreme, would i like to configure? hit yes
  • get asked if i’d like to migrate my old airport extreme config to it (the main ap in my existing network): hit yes
  • new airport gets configured, old one gets wiped
  • devices reboot, new extreme is now the wifi network main ap
  • get prompted that there is an unconfigured airport extreme (old one)
  • get asked if i’d like to use it to extend my existing network
  • hit yes

ALL DONE. i literally had to hit “yes” to sensible default questions 2-3 times. That was it. The credentials were already in my apple keychain.

I was expecting to spend an entire evening after work fucking about with this shit. It was all over in about 10 minutes including the unboxing.



The thing to understand about apple is…they’re a bussiness.
They will do anything to make you leave your money at their store, this includes making simple technology seem like magic, and forcing you to only use their software store, not even M$ is as bad as apple.
Apple invents nothing, and sells years old hardware at a premium price, slaps it in a nice alumium cabinet, and install their own version of bsd. And tells you it is magic, but it really isn’t, it is just a old version of a open source OS, and in the case they go for bleeding edge hardware you get the core i9 latop which overheated.
With the loss of steve jobs, i expect alot of apple users to leave the highly priced ecosystem, because with the what are we at? iphone XS? they’ve just lost their mind, when it comes to blackmailing the customers, with the headphone jack socket, which is about the oldest, and most used interface ever, and they wanna make you pay an extra 10$ premium —>for a dongle<---- to use it… ontop of a allready jacked up iphone costing what? 1200$… because they removed it from the older 1000$ model, and for the hardware just a tad better then a raspberry pi, really #golfclap. But yet the cult makes people slurp that shit right up as innovative by marketing, and again the fancy alumium case.


They’ve always done this.


Mate, apple/NEXT (which is what the current Apple is a continuation of) are a lot of things, and they make some short-term user-unfriendly hardware choices, but you’re way off base.

Some of the things that have been heavily funded by, pushed hard to get traction in the real world, or started within apple and released as open source that are fucking great…

  • MDNS (for autoconf) - RFC submitted by Apple
  • multi-path TCP
  • Swift
  • clang
  • gcd
  • webkit
  • opencl


To say they invent nothing (and just re-package BSD unix) is complete fucking bullshit mate.

Hardware wise they pushed high-speed flash in almost all their machines, high dpi screens in almost all their machines, pushed adoption of USB 1 (without the legacy free iMac, USB would not have ever gained traction as there would have been no peripheral market for it), etc. They raised the bar.

Like it or hate it Apple mac hardware is the primary reason new hardware standards get adopted. Leave it to PCs and people will just keep using their old shit forever - you can still get PS2 and VGA ports on PCs for fucks sake and that shit should have died 15-20 years ago.

Apple’s abandonment of legacy stuff is not why they’re pissing me off. I applaud that. My beef is purely with pricing. Fact is i need to pay 500-1000 dollars more today for a similarly positioned notebook to what i bought 3 and 7 years ago.

In the PC world, prices for similar spec hardware have fallen. Apple’s hardware isn’t that far ahead any more.

The Macbook used to be THE standard for good quality trackpad, speakers, display and keyboard. There used to be a good reason to pay the premium, and at least 3 years ago if you compared like for like properly the premium was pretty fucking minimal vs. a comparable PC.

Now? They current keyboard is a shit show. The screens aren’t anything special, and PCs have caught way up. But Apple’s pricing has risen while others have fallen.

THAT is my beef. Quality is down and price is up.


Well Apple is gaining me as a customer.

Just to level the playing fields.


Even though Firewire was the better standard, with faster data rates and more power draw limits


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They pushed FireWire too when no one else did.

Actually. Add FireWire to one of the things they co-developed. And thunderbolt.

FireWire was more expensive and thus intended for high bandwidth peripherals (back in the day thunderbolt equivalent).

USB was for everything else.


Too bad for you that Apple has exited the wifi market:
And, yes, it should be that simple. I guess Apple just wasn’t selling enough of them to make it worth their while.


Yeah, aware of that. Annoying. Airport wifi APs were some of the better gear on the market for a home use situation.


Or wireless in general. I’ve been reading that their W1 chip is just great to use.


Nothing compares to the tracpad on my MacbookPro Love it.

And my Performa laptop from 1995 still works. So does my Clamshell mac from the early 2000’s. And my MacPro 2009which I use daily for Logic Pro on My 30 Inch Apple Cinema Dislpay.

Mac built quality that Lasts.

But lately it seems it’s gone downhill. I will stick to my 2014 MacbookPro (awesome computer) and won’t buy a new Macbook because of shoddy quallity, no ports, no upgradeablity. Apple needs to get back to sanity and build quality again with options we want. I don’t want my Macbook to be a iPad with a keyboard attached, they are two different items with different uses.

On a personal note, I do think I’m going to upgrade my first generational Retna ipad to a 12" ipad Pro because i LOVE the apple Pen. I’ve used procreate on my ipad for years, but combine it with the new Pen and it is better than my Wacom Intuos tablet!!!

I’m waiting for this years refresh, if they keep the headphone jack I’ll buy the new version, if they drop it I will buy the Current one with the headphone jack.


I’ve got the 10.5 iPad Pro and it is indeed great.

I wouldn’t personally let the headphone jack (if it disappears on the next model) be a deal breaker to be honest.

Either use the adapter or bluetooth headphones. The CPU performance improvements are always well worth it.


Apple collecting is huge in the vintage computer hobby.
A Lisa is huge prize. I did have a working Apple IIe. You can never fully get the nicotine stains off the plastic no matter what you scrub it with.

As a commercial driver I always stop and log “on duty” on the truck’s computer. Anything really bad happens my phone will be confiscated as evidence.