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Apple losing me as a customer


Maybe move the post to the lounge and stop drinking/posting?

When you’re the only drunk person it’s not as funny as you think it is.


Let’s get back into the topic please!



Wow I hate crap like this.

Any quick search will show it has happened and it’s legal.

They can’t force you to give password but they can force you to use biometrics like fingerprint and Face ID.

If I didn’t love apple I wouldn’t almost exclusively be on apple ecosystem. iPhone. Watch. iPad. MacBook. Mac Pro. Apple Cinema Display. Etc etc. I hate such bs arguements on the net as your attempting to pull me into.

So until apple changes back I’m sadly going to keep using my old stuff until it breaks then switch to using Linux until they switch back.

@ the others I’m done arguing. I’ve said my peace. To each their own opinion and I don’t want to change anyone else’s.

I’m sad at direction Apple is going. Until they change I’m holding off on purchases.


Changes back to what? You have a pin, they didnt remove that.


In America…
If you use a pin or pattern they cannot compel you to use it. You have the right to remain silent.

You should be more concerned about full disk encryption and methods to shutdown the phone if brute forcing is detected.


Maybe take @eden’s suggestion of loosing your phone.

I’ve travelled quite a bit, and even the shittiest of hotels seem to have wifi.

It’s made from 7075 Aluminium, which is a high end material.
Internal specs are still high end, camera is still high end.
The screen is still high quality, albeit with a lower resolution.



I have a respect for apple and what they’ve done with their Advancement into making tech that looks good and functional, I agree that after the Iphone6 (and removal of the headphone jack) Apple got greedy and now make you pay the title premium more than ever before, I have always had a weak spot for apple looks and its audio quality that they used to have. I got the LG V30 because it looks like the Iphone on the front and sides, samsung on the back, has the battery of the Oneplus 5t, and has the DAC/AMP that sounds as good as what apple uses. Apple has lost me as a customer as well for many devices but at least there’s a few options out there to replace it, none are totally secure so you gotta pick your poison and just roll with what has your specific need.


Similar to me to an extent.

Used to love the macbooks. I have two of them. But the new keyboard has been a disaster. I have a 2015 that i am holding off upgrading until the keyboard issues are fixed (and i don’t mean apple implies they are fixed. I mean people don’t report any real issues for 12 months). Also… i don’t want a touchbar. But to get better spec than my 2015, until the quad core was released i’d need to spend $500 MORE than i did 3 fucking years ago. Hardware cost is meant to reduce over time apple! I don’t want to subsidise your touch-bar bullshit because you won’t offer the 13 without it in a decent spec.

However it’s not all bad IMHO.

The iPad Pro is great. I use one for note taking, email, browsing, media consumption, etc. It is starting to become a legit work device that for the “portable” work i do, is better than a macbook anyway. For the stuff i’d use a macbook for these days it mostly sucks at it anyway and is better off done on a desktop.

So, macbook : maybe not upgrading, replaced by ipad pro, macOS stuff shifted to a desktop Mac, right?

Well lets go shopping…


if i want a GPU that isn’t trash tier the only option is an iMac Pro. Starting at about 7 grand aussie for a bunch of stuff i dont want, that will be outperformed by the PC i built for half that.

I’m a happy watch owner, my current iPhone 7 is the best phone i’ve ever used. Newer than that? Hmm… i have no desire to upgrade. I don’t want a thousand dollar phone. Maybe if/when they release something to replace the SE in their lineup (no doubt larger) i’ll consider.


Those are the two bright spots.

The new ipad at around 300$ is almost as fast as last gen ipad pro, and it supports the pen. i might get it for sketching when I’m out and about then transfer to painter on my mac pro.

And I absolutely LOVE my watch. I’m a swimmer and it is better for keeping track of laps than a purpose built watch I owned (and paid more for to boot) before it. Plus its awesome being able to answer the phone via my watch when I can’t find the physical phone!


I’ve owned Apple and Android (and even Windows Mobile) devices over the years. The main draw for me to Apple is pretty regular security updates. With an Android device, you have 3 gatekeepers for security updates: Google, your phone OEM and your carrier. First Google has to actually issue an update, then your OEM has to test the update, then you have to wait for your carrier to greenlight and actually push out the update. If your device isn’t that popular, or your OEM/carrer doesn’t care, you may never get any update from what your phone shipped with. In contrast, my old iPhone 5S got regular updates for the 4 years that I owned it.

So the Android update situation is untenable for me. Yes, there’s the Google Pixel, but you can only order it direct from Google for full retail, which is a hefty chunk of change ($650 I think.) Other Android phones (if you’re lucky) you can root and install a custom ROM, but I’ve always found the ROMs on sites like xda-developers to be buggy/quirky and usually missing several features. Plus you lose your warranty.

My main beef with Apple is the headphone jack. I think the iPhone 7 still has one, so that may be my next phone. I have yet to find a decent sounding pair of bluetooth headphones.


The headphone jack is the biggest deal for me too.

BTW 6S is last iPhone with a headphone jack. After that you have to have adapter.


If you do go with Android and go the custom ROM route then I’m going to have to vouch for CarbonROM… because I’m a CarbonROM developer.

If you want to give it a go on whatever device you choose then just hit me up.


Check out UBports (Ubuntu Touch) on a second hand Nexus5 or OnePlus One - depends how much you want to beta test I guess, though it sounds pretty good now. Another option at least.


Yeah, the new ipad is a legit bargain if you’re in the market for a tablet right now.

Like i said, the ipad pro is better for most of the on the go stuff i am doing, and i think Apple is encouraging the average user to the ipad for every day stuff.

For the typical home user (and even a lot of people using it for work), they can edit photos, edit video (yes, you actually can) on it, write documents, browse the web, do email, facetime, skype, touchid for password security, etc. Apps are cheap, the device is secure and with the pencil it can do things a laptop just can’t.

Yes, it definitely requires some workflow adjustment, but IMHO the trade-offs for THOSE THINGS are worth making.

Sure, it has port ports but it has fast wifi, and you can use wireless hard drives, serial adapters, etc. with it.

But god damn the mac lineup is frustrating right now.

What i’d actually like is if i could ditch the iphone entirely to be honest.

Pair with my ipad Pro, do cellular calling via the ipad, etc. and just ditch the phone. If the ipad is in my bag, watch-tether to it over wifi and make calls that way. If its not, then revert to watch based cellular.

The phone for me now is pretty much just a distraction / superfluous device. I don’t need it, i don’t really want it, if the ipad could replace it as well.


Dude do you seriously live under a rock?


Your inflammatory question is unnecessary. I asked him to provide evidence and he did. Now go back to Reddit.


Yeah because your first reply to pianopraze wasn’t inflammatory at all.


You are not helping anything by continuing this.


Changes back to phones with headphone jacks, and computers that are upgradeable.

Yeah, this would be best of all worlds. I mainly use my phone as a kindle reader and web browser. In Asia there are tablet-phones as big as the ipad. I almost bought one last time I was there.


Your post was about security and now its not? ok.

The headphone jack isnt coming back so i guess that settles that for you at least.

I expect at least that most cheaper android phones will continue to keep the headphone jack for a while longer.