Apple is Moving Toward being more like Google and Amazon by Creating their own Ad Network

Apple is moving towards being like Google and Amazon by creating their own ad network, because they have begun targetting ads toward users. Currently, they don’t collect “personal” information from users that use Siri and Maps and use it for advertising, but they do “use data to create groups of people for targetted ads, such as 18- to 34-year-old men using an iPhone,” which would have been collected in other methods (ex. creating an Apple account).

So far, they are only targetting app ads in the App Store, but they have plans to created targetted ads inside of other apps, such as Snapchat. Who knows how far they will go, in targetting ads toward users.

Will they go as far as Google, Facebook, and Amazon in targetted ads? I’m doubtful they will, because a lot of their fans are against targetted ads, but money talks, and with the decreased sales of iPhones, they’ll likely attempt to make money from elsewhere, such as creating their own ad network. Having such a large amount of user data makes it much easier for them to do that as well.

What’s others opinions on this?



Microsoft is doing the same with Win10, Bing, etc.

Not surprising.

I’m actually surprised that Apple hasn’t been doing this already… But now that iPhone sales aren’t at target I guess this was an inevitability.

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They already have an ad platform, they’re expanding it a bit. It’s not like Google or Amazon in that it’s not a general ad network that you would use for web sites, stores, etc., it’s more like a software library you can use to easily make ad funded apps for iOS, and advertisers can buy ads in search results, the mobile ad platform, and I think probably their music radio thing.

I am actually pretty excited to see where this leads. They have been pretty safe so far with just hardware and OS as far as widespread user anger (yes not always) but now they are exploring other revenue stream, how far will they sink and what mistakes will be made?

Can wait to see them eat themselves.

Apple is constantly talking about privacy and trying to be an advocate for it, that’s why this is surprising . Microsoft, eh, not so much, ever since the release of Windows 10.

Or to raise back up to a market value of a trillion dollars.

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Apple did this for 6 years with iAds, but they never got their act together as they’re pretty terrible at online services when compared to Google, so it shut down in 2016. This is just their second crack at it.

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I don’t even looks at ads so no worry here. They can go on doing what everyone defends which is making money … commerce … /rolls eyes

Yet another step towards the world from the series “Maniac”.

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iAds is dyslexic Aids :smiley:

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