Apple ipad advice

i want to buy apple ipad because school and all educations apps are apple fan base and allot of the people say apple have more business style and more powerful as midi and any other tool you can connect to it as android more cheaper for videos or phone calls.

read this as he haves the same problems too

i want to buy the ipad pro but am not sure 10 or 12 as i got paino classes and it 88 key as that long and i want big screen to see and easy to read them as my books as apple program to follow on midi keyboard and i cant see that well small things as i need glasses for small things but i am not sure some people say there almsot no cases or stands for the 12 but there more for the 10 but i like 12 for the screen size is there anything will fit it as monitor stand on desk or hand to make it closer to my face with out suffer neck pain?

So you have a mount but it is too small for the new iPads. I do not have or use one myself so have no idea about the physicality but in your hands you might be to tell better.

Would it be possible to 3d print a clip that would fit better?

Take a look at these:

any other otterbox in movement so it wont break

You mean for transport? Just put it into a sleeve of some kind.
The smart cover will also fit in addition to the tether tools back shell.