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Apple I understand now



Except its BSD Unix...

On a side note, you can connect your iPhone to the new MBP. Apple sells a USB-C to Lightning cable on the store, purchased on with my MBP as I don't like Wi-Fi sync or tethering. Prefer a direct connection and have the device charge too.


We must bathe him in the waters of knowledge!


I can appreciate they use Unix but at the same time its Evil Unix.


There's no accounting for taste




Use the tool that's best for the job


well, I understand that; I was only pointing out that you were answering a different question than was asked.

The downside of your "bonus," however, is that you now have to have an internet connection to transfer files. Personally, I see that as a severe handicap, even before considering issues like privacy and reliability.


There was an Apple 1

And you were expected to make a keyboard case etc etc

It was a huge hit at the homebrew computer club


i feel like this is relevant lol

it's from here:

iirc is @Braysive lol

more on topic: i agree with Zippy:


I have to agree with you in terms of the mobile. The only way I will give up my Iphone is for a ubuntu phone, And I'm still waiting


uh oh lol


If you like Apple use Apple. If you like Android's and non-apple laptops/desktops, then use those. Its just about finding what you like and what works best for you, and what suits your wants best.


Raises hand

Why would you want to connect a phone to a computer in the year 2017? Unless you're doing nightly Android builds on a phone without an SD slot, why?


Well I use it to charge my phone, and sometimes while I am connected I file swap between them over the cable. Why? Cause I have an upload speed of .75kbs and don't want to deal with uploading to the cloud.


Soooo, in total, how much did it cost you to begin to "understand Apple"?


I understand the desire to avoid the cloud in limited bandwidth situations, but you can transfer locally with a handful of apps much like you can in Apple's ecosystem over airdrop. I believe that ES File Explorer lets you transfer over local network.

My comment was more trying to point out that even if it were impossible to connect a phone to your computer that there's no reason that should be necessary and that there are many workarounds.


All their devices have Bluetooth so they all still work the same as far as sending files back and forth...or you can swap files with a flash drive if you want.


lol I'm guessing a lot but I got the Apple Watch for Christmas and MacBook Pro as a birthday present. The iPhone is part of my phone bill over time so I don't notice it. I guess I spent 150 on the AirPods. I don't care about price so much. I think all of it comes out to be a little bit more or less than my main rig


I think to further extrapolate on what I was meaning is that their are some really neat design aspects of both the hardware and software that are inspirational and awesome. Nothing Linux and windows haven't seen or can't do but they just don't do them for the basic user like Apple. The Apple ecosystem seems to be for computing and tech use for life. It's working really well for me in school and on the go. Very different target audience then this forum. I completely agree the "ecosystem" is what makes it. Just a MacBook Pro or Apple Watch alone wouldn't be good but all the devices is really neat. Take it or leave it.

Also it's 2017 and I live in one of the most tech savvy areas in the world. I always have wifi so the lack of connectivity is a moot point. Even my family out in the middle of nowhere west Texas on cattle farms have wifi.


I love the convenience of my iPad. I don't want to buy into their ecosystem but they do make some very good products. I had a macbook air for 4 years that was perfect for me.