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Apple I understand now



Excited to read replies to that post :laughing:


Sad fact - they did not... They just had more money than the actual inventor, so they buried him in money, paperwork and lawyers...



I think he might know that

He posted the apple II lol

I wasn't alive for the releases, but I'm gonna assume there was a mac before the apple II


this is not a "direct transfer."


Yes, but the bonus is, that you don't have to plug and unplug for every separate device you want to transfer files to...


So to fully enjoy the systems you have to go all in and buy everything from one vendor?

I'm good.


If you specifically call it a mac then no, of course not.

That is what companies always try, yes. Apple is just more successful than most of them.


Funny how Sony stuff work best with other sony stuff, such as Playstation with speciffic Sony TVs...
Samsung Gear and watch with Samsung phones, etc...
Nvidia card with Nvidia shield and Nvidia Gsync monitor on Nvidia specifically approved motherboards...

What he said...


This is exactly why I bought a sony receiver instead of another yamaha. I already had a sony TV. I can control the receiver entirely from the TV remote and do other fancy stuff.

Dont do that bro. This isnt a youtube comment section.


Proprietary standardization isn't forcing you into an ecosystem, it's the incentive to stay in. An example being when I moved my wife from an iPhone to Android. We had to get a completely new number for her because of iMessaging. Everyone who she knew that had an iPhone was still trying to send iMessages to her number which her android phone naturally didn't get. A month of trouble shootings, phone calls to apple and our carrier, and I finally changed her number on a whim and it fixed it.

I don't think my gear watch has any additional functionality on it that I wouldn't get if I didn't have a sumsung phone though. You can still get the same app and junk to manage it the same.


The problem with was never the quality of the ecosystem. It has always been good. If it was not, apple would have been bankrupt by now. That is the whole point...A ¨walled garden¨ requires a damn garden...Otherwise it is just a wall.

The problem is that it is a close ecosystem that is working in such a way not by technical necessity but by business necessity. It is a trap that you must either be completely in it or not at all and you cannot easily escape it if you are unfamiliar with anything else.

None ever said that Apple is crap because of technical issues. Apple products always just work.

The problem is that the ¨it works¨ feature is advertised like the coming of the Messiah and all products are overpriced to Jupiter. Which in a market that everything is already overpriced anyway it is a big waste of funds...


So it is a voluntary decision not to at the end of sentences?
Must be that alive language or something.

Until they don't. And given ratings on ifixit, that is simply the point in time apple customers can prove their loyalty.

Otherwise I completely agree with you, @turin231.


This is a running joke in our IT department.


As a long time Apple -> Mac user, I've seen all sorts of ups and downs of the company.

Some like to vilify them but I do believe they deserve credit for moving the industry forward in many areas and in ways that few others were doing as well as they were.

That said, I really do feel like Apple is beginning to feel like a dead company walking. No I don't mean they are going belly up anytime soon, they are far too valuable a company for that to be likely. What I mean is they are loosing their core values and many of their core supporters and are well on their way to making the mistakes that has led to the loss of mindshare, market share and power in the market much in the same way as IBM and Microsoft before them. Both companies are still around and are still powerful, but neither has the power over the industry they once held.

I have personally been driven into the world of Hackintosh simply because Apple no longer makes products that meet my needs at any price. Simple as that.

At least there's signs the company realizes how they have screwed up to the point they are talking about unreleased products (something they almost never do).

Will I return to buying Apple products? Maybe... I really do get the ecosystem. It will all depend on Apple making products that I want to buy again and I'm not holding my breath.

For now, I use Windows for games as I've done for a long time (bootcamp and now Hackintosh).
I use Linux for my servers and casual web surfing use.
And MacOS for video and photo editing, and other media related tasks and for apple's proprietary services that I still enjoy using.

I consider myself platform agnostic these days. I've got problems with all the main OSes and nobody is perfect, forcing me to use them all for their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.


Why did this thread baloon the way it did. Im jelly. My threads never do this.

Also, so far no one is killing each other :smiley:


Just post an unpopular opinion. Make sure theres a little bit of truth/fact behind it so that people can argue both sides.



You're literally going to pay 8000 dollars for a 80 dollar android phone thats 4 years behind and for a chromebook that got dressed up. I like OSX but fuck me if I had to actually buy new hardware from the rip off monopoly I would kill myself.


We must convert him to Linux!


He can use god damn haiku for all I give a fuck I DO NOT WANT MORE APPLE NEOPHITES.


Osx is the best linux distro :relieved: