Apple I understand now

Ok, after getting the IPhone 7 (because my note 7 was a bomb) and getting the Apple Watch series 2, a MacBook Pro and the AirPods I feel like I finally get "Apple" now. It's all freedom of choice vs inspiration design and efficiency. It's weird to say but I am really digging the ecosystem




Looks like someone needs to be re-educated


Well, that is actually the only way to properly use Apple stuff - in synergy with all other apple stuff...
If you have just one thing - you are missing out. More of them you get, deeper you are in that ecosystem, more value you get out of your fruit a day keeps the doctor away thingies. By itself each of them is meh... All together the things are a bit different.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it impossible to connect the iPhone to a MacBook without an adapter?


Well, impossible using a direct cable connection .

It depends on the iphone and the macbook, but yes, you may not be able to...

Not much of an ecosystem then


Oh jesus christ...
Can't we accept, that Apple actually do good stuff sometimes?
It is a freaking ecosystem, like it or not. If i sneeze on an iphone, the ipad and the macbook and all others will give me hankie and tell me "gesundheit", cause for some reason i decided they are german...
People keep praising Adobe's crap, while Final Cut is outperforming it on an i5 laptop...
Apple are not the crap everyone seems to think they are...
Yeah, there are a lot of stupid things they have done, just like any other company, but damn, sometimes they are really convenient...

PS: Final cut pro is the one thing i actually know is better than the Windows/Linux options... There probably are things i have no idea about. I don't use Apple...


Not much of an argument then.


I think it's rather silly to praise Apple for creating such a seamless ecosystem, when in some cases it's not even possible to directly transfer files between their devices.

Have an Android device? Just stick a USB cable in and drag & drop. Don't have a cable on hand? Start an SFTP server up on your device and copy files over that way.

It's not particularly difficult to create an ecosystem when it's such a restricted one.


You know you can upload the files to the icloud and download them from any apple devise, right? You don't even need cables... Apple have already set the servers for you to be able to transfer files.

It's not the difficulty, that people praise. It's the convenience. I have one account for all devices with my cloud etc etc. I don't have 17 different accounts for each software, online service etc thing i use. One stop for everything...

I understand your point, and in many cases i agree, but again, this is the single thing complaint. If i have 2 apple devices - i already have better value than a single device.
Yeah, it's not the cutting edge anything, but keep in mind you don't need to be. i7 5820 + 1070 and Adobe CC is performing the same as i5 MacBook and Final Cut Pro... So yeah...

The only bitching I can really do about apple products is the planned obsolescence and the price tag.


I'm a power user and due to the nature of the work I do rely on Windows but if I was in the media business, The design methedologies in how their software works to optimist time management is amazing. I'm not talking about gestures or any other bullshit but how they design their applications that need to process a huge amount of data. You don't need a supercomputer, All you need is a mac and while you work on the video you're working on, it renders what there is in the background. No hitting render and waiting half an hour or longer for your system to process the entire video, The system has already processed most of it and just needs to bring it all together.

There are some things that Apple does do well compared to the competition. If I was in media creation, I would pick a mac any day... Well probably build a hackentosh or VM but yea, Apple isn't stupid in how they develop their software.

But for now, 8 cores, 64GB's of memory, high end GPU and a RAID array will just have to do /s


Apple did give the world CUPS.


So what do you do when you have no internet? What do you do if Apple suddenly goes bankrupt and shuts down its servers? What do you do when your iCloud account gets compromised?

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Then the ecosystem stops. But until then it is silly to say there isn't one.


It's silly to say there isn't one, but it's also silly to say that the one that exists is a good one.

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