Apple got beaten to the no 3.5mm jack race

First time I've written a click bait title! ;) But ya I've just run across that on xda and yup. Motorola decided to do not put a 3.5mm audio jack on their new Moto Z. Really ridiculous indeed. Plus there is this strange thing that they announce their phone as the thinnest premium phone but after present modules that add to the bulkiness of the phone. I will still be waiting for the next Nexuses (Nexus or Nexuses for plural?) to replace my Nexus 5.

then how do you use headphones. usb audio adapter that will be just shit?

Yup. Or bluetooth

It's written that they will deliver a usb-c to 3.5mm adapter with the phone. So remove one port and add more cables!

why we are racing for more inconvenience is beyond me.


will not buy.

I dunno. I only ever use bluetooth audio on my phone, so I don't see it as a problem for me. That said, I completely understand why this is a horrid idea. Some day I may want to plug in a 3.5 jack...

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even the idea of having to buy a bluetooth to 3.5mm adapter for older equipment while add another $40-$100

Been using bluetooth 4.0 4.1 on android for awhile now instead of 3.5 for audio. Good enough. A new bluetooth standard is coming out soon. hopefully with better audio support. 5.0 :) It is all about the cords or the lack thereof :)

Ya but even with bluetooth, I use AT-PHA50BT to have my ath-im02 wireless, a 3.5mm is always handy, especially when you don't anymore battery.

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Interesting device. I just keep it simple with viper4 android and a pair of Artic 253bt superaural heaphones.

Eventually headphones will be USB Type-C, just got to wait. Same issue with a lot of new tech.


2 things...
1. Give me 3,5mm jack and stop "innovating" in order to make me buy new headset to be able to use hands-free or listen to music whole I walk on the freaking street
2. Stop trying to race each other for the price of thinnest easy to bend/break phone ever. Give me 3 days heavy duty battery life and I will buy you even if you are the thickest phone. God damn it, my old Sony Ericsson was able to hold it's own for about a week without recharging, and my current Sony Xperia need juice every day. And it is advertised as fairly long battery life cellphone...
So in other words, fix your shit before you innovative...

No 3.5mm headjack means more room in the phone.

How is that good for me? I can't use my headphones with that phone. I need to buy new ones. Or I can buy another phone.

I have no problems with USB Type C-ing everything.

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The phone doesn't look too good, and their new logo isn't the best.

All of these companies are still trying to make phones which are thinner than the competition. It's got to a point where slimming down the phone is hurting the functionality.

So never innovate? No ones telling you to buy the phone. Its the same with USB, type-c is infinantly better. It means a new connector though, in the end its only going to be a good thing..

Maybe this wont, maybe it will. Buy a phone with a 3.5mm head jack. Or one with a 1/4 jack because.. why should you use an adaptor?

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Oh for f***'s sake! Lenovo buys Motorola and this comes out. Screw thinner phones. Screw "going wireless". I don't want to use an adapter to use my headphones. I don't want to buy bluetooth headphones either. I want to be able to charge my phone and have my headphones plugged in at the same time. I'm okay with the phone being a bit bulkier if it has a 3.5mm jack and a larger battery.

I get that it slim looks better. But this is hideous. Stop putting the brand or model name on the front (I really like that my Moto G 3rd Gen does NOT have letters all over the front). If your design is that plain that you need to put the name on the front because people wouldn't recognize it without....well, blame the designers.
The camera bump....seriously? I thought we left that phase behind. What if I don't want a "Style Mod" and still want my phone to lay flat on a table?
And the texture of the back looks terrible.
Oh, and no Moto dimple? F*** off.

The specs looks nice, although, no word about water/dust resistance?
But I certainly welcome the lack of a 16GB or even 8GB model. It's about time we leave those capacities behind.

My point was, there is such thing as legacy support.
They could have easily made the phone slightly thicker and gave me both. This way I may have actually considered trying out an USB headphones.
They don't give me choice, and I would like to have one...