Apple fling more hardware out

Because @Argone filling the lounge with fruity news

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I am fruity fan boi. I want an m1 and the ultra thin imac.

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ain’t no one care about the environment


that was retarded.

did they just change the apple logo?

we are what we fear. we fear demons. we might as well be the demons. the way we treat others, treat other animals and the enviroment. but i will by apple if it means i get m1.

It’s interesting to see what we’re likely to see from now on from apple with the new M1 tech. M1 all the things.

They also seem to be going for the boxy with curved edge design from the iPhone onto all their new stuff as well? Next up MacBook redesign?

your retarded

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Good to see them sticking to the ARM vision




They’re definitely going after a specific set or markets i think there.

But im kind of more interested in how putting the M1 in everything and making macs faster than basically every other normal computer will change the PC market?

Pulling a few pages from Nintendo?

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I agree, I can’t see how that work either. As long as Windows is the dominant OS, and it will be for a long time still, Macs on M1 doesn’t really make sense.

Don’t get me wrong, M1 is nice and all and truly shows what you can do once you trim all the fat backwards compatibility from a platform. BUT. You also trim all the backwards compatibility from the platform and need to rely on emulation layers.

I see very few compelling reasons for a Windows user to switch to a Mac now, and the expensive price of the platform makes me even less inclined to get one. When I can get like five Chromebooks for the price of the cheapest Apple laptop, and when a lot of engineering applications like Solidworks are stuck on Windows, well… Not so hot. YMMV.

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I think you might have got it the wrong way around. Windows has always had backwards compatibility, in many cases because of necessity, but their refusal to cut ties with old tech means you still get absolute garbage left around today because the developers refuse to update it.

Apple doesn’t seem to do that. They give you a date and that’s that, sort of. But it means backwards compatibility won’t be a problem for macs because developers will update their software.

You only need to look at things like Adobe to see that. They’ll update their stuff for macs almost immediately, but getting the same to be done on windows is like pulling teeth.

That’s also why apple can shift to ARM and almost no one will actually notice any issues. Backwards compatibility is almost a non issue.

Microsoft have supported arm for a few years at least but it’s dead in the water because nothing works on it. It’s fundamentally two very different approaches.

Not saying all backwards compatibility is good - but there is a lot of legacy software out there, games in particular. These days, BC is mostly solved in an ugly but satisfying way though; simply bundle everything inside a VM, problem solved. That covers 99.99% of all legacy, but it is slow.

As you say though, MS has a hard time moving forward; Mac manages to force their developers to keep pace, while Linux works because 99% of the platform can be recompiled by anyone. :slight_smile:

Here’s the thing though - Most don’t care about moving forward. Most want to stay where they are, warts and all. Which kinda sucks for us nerds that loves to live on the edge building our own PCs and break shit every other week with Arch Linux and all that. That’s why I do not see why your average person would want to move to Macs in the first place. Even though it’s hella cool you can run the damn thing on a solar panel umbrella. :slight_smile:

it’s one of the blessings and curses of macs. they stay up with the times. everything old enough gets phased out. and if you use said tool, equipment or hardware you have to sit there, bend over and take it. with windows pcs you don’t or on linux.

but it depends on who you talk to. whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. Firewire went into the toilet so we could have Thunderbolt

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