Apple Designer Jony Ive Reported to be "Offended" by Satiric Internet Soundboard

The web designers of the site have caved to pressure from Apple lawyers and took the site down.

I say WTF? With all the suffering in the world. This wealthy twat is offended by a satiric website not meant to be mean at all.

BTW The new iPad Pro costs as much as a fucking laptop.

Johny ive thinks very highly of himself, a little too highly.

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Meh. He needs to deal with it. They shouldn't have caved.

IMO most of his designs are mediocre. Half he copied from Braun and the rest are just boring. Seen the Camera and watch he designed. They were pretty standard.

"reminded of great design"
by Braun, stolen by Apple to sue other companys also copying from Braun...
Apple, I found a description of you!