Apple Certification (Inbox.exe version)

So the mac section seems dead almost, which I get anyways.

Im tempted via the apple certified macintosh technician and also apple certified support professional, for repair purposes so I can carry them out in a legal and non-warrenty destructive way.

But as it seems on the internet, Apple in the spotlight here, they dont give a sort of tree, so you need ACSP before you can attempt ACMT etc. I want to move upto ACMT then move into normal networking maybe via CompTia+ over CISCO networking, due to cisco only using their hardware.

Now I know a lot of people on here hate apple, or dont like them much, but dont hate the operating system, Its a rather nice simplistic system, I personally like this even if I dont agree with apple prices. their OS is cheap enough though :) but does anybody on here have ideas?


Thanks in advance!!