Apple ARM Discussion


Oh, a whole lineup of Macs with the new chips.


If the new Pro is cheaper than before, I’ll happily pay the premium

Holy battery life

Going a whole day without needing a power brick is so nice.

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I was thinking starting price in line with 10th Gen version. Completely forgot they started at a lower price.

“Why yes, I am still a student” - Me on the Apple store, later


It depends. 5-7 years. Catalina which is still current and supported, supports devices from 2012 forward. BigSur which in in beta (until Thursday :smiley: ) supports some devices from 2013-2015 onwards.

:eyes: uh, yes. student. that’s me also

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I still regularly use my university email for discounts.

Haven’t been a full time student for three years :grin:

Its him :smile:

UK Prices for the Air and Pro 16GB/1TB models with the student discount.

(that’s not my postcode btw, no idea where it got that from)


@Eden, potato confirmed



Last thing of note - They didn’t mention the T2 chip anywhere in the presentation, so either they’re keeping quiet because of the recent vulnerability, or it’s got something new in the SoC.

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20 hours of battery life is silly

“Intel has stagnated itself out of the market, and has lost a major customer today. AMD has shown lots of progress lately, however it’ll be incredibly hard to catch up to Apple’s power efficiency. If Apple’s performance trajectory continues at this pace, the x86 performance crown might never be regained.”


So is tldw, apple beats amd and intel with at performance per watt?

Im a pure layman and I hate laptops. with a passion. Apple has it on low power now.

Desktops have a line drawn … X86 pci 3 (puny intel) or 4 (Rage mode). Need to keep up !!


Maybe because T2(or whatever new version?)

as per untrustworthy source Eli Computer guy

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