Apple ARM Discussion

(Previously Apple “One More Thing” Event - Now)

Apple stream starts in 8 minutes

People seem to be expecting it to be their new Apple silicone ARM MacBooks


You beat me to it by a minute.

If the new A14X is as powerful as that Geekbench score, I’m going to be getting a Macbook Pro soon.

The Verge usually has a good liveblog and summary up pretty quick, if people miss the livestream


He said the line

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The Mac as expected :smiley:

I hope they have a new design

Very interested to see what kind of power gains this will have. Sounds like they said the M1 chip is for smaller MacBooks (13"?), a long living laptop would be a big seller I expect

I like how they’re not namedropping Intel there… yet…


Air confirmed

Seems so, doesn’t look like there’s much re-design

To be fair, they did just redesign it. IIRC, Linus pretty much called it in their review. Said the redesign (specifically the cooling) was definitely done with different hardware in mind.

To be fair the design is pretty decent, maybe a slightly thiner bezel and … not a potato for a webcam

They really took advantage of the pandemic to make those cool transitions

If the $200 Pinebook Pro with an older generic chip can be the way it is, a $1000 Mac should be pretty damn amazing with it’s custom chip.


“improved camera quality”… but is it a potato?

Sounds like they’ve got a meh camera with better processing lol

NGL, now it has the better display, I’m definitely considering this… That was the only thing drawing me to the Pro.

Yeah sounds like much improved performance. I bet you the air would work for 80% of people

Mac mini? Mac mini

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If they put the iPhone selfie camera into the Macbooks that would be pretty solid.

The mini is a real interesting device imo


I wonder how long the new Macs will be supported.

My parents’ computer is Haswell running W7, so an upgrade wouldn’t be a bad thing. Not sure they’d appreciate the jump to macOS though.