Apple Announces New iPad Air and iPad Mini

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller announced several "new" products at an event event in San Francisco today and here is the rundown:

iPad Air: New iPad which will go onsale on November 1st. Same 9.7in screen as the previous generation but it is now 20% thinner and 28% lighter weighing only 1lb. Internal specs are the same as the iPhone 5S however it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor. Available in silver, white, black and grey. $499 for the 16GB WiFi only version. 16 GB and 4G LTE will cost $630.

iPad mini with Retina: New iPad mini that is pretty much the same as the old model. Now though the resolution is up to 2048 X 1536 or 326 PPI. It also includes the new A7 chip. Apparently it is 4x as fast as the old model. Classic apple though, no actual specs. Will launch later in November in black or grey. $400 for the 16GB version.

iPad mini will stay around $300. 

New MacBook Pro with Retina: Essentially the same however under the hood there is a 2 ghz Haswell chip which should give nine hours of battery life. Everything has been made thinner and lighter. 15in with a 256GB SSD will start at $2000. The 13in will drop down to $1300.

Mac Pro: The black garbage can will have a 3.7Ghz Xeon, 12GB of RAM Dual FirePro D300s for a total of 4GB of VRAM and a 256GB SSD. Starting at $3000.

OS X Mavericks: The latest service pack for OS X is available for free today with several new features. For the first time the upgrade will be free and should work on all Macs from 2007 to the present. Should offer better power management and several other new features. 

iLife and iWork: These packages have been updated and refreshed as well as having a complete redesign on the iOS7 versions. They now offer cross platform collaboration with Windows.  

Thoughts people? 

I personally don't see much innovation going on here or anything that has particularly stood out. I find it odd that the new iPad didn't include a Touch ID sensor but they are prob just saving that for the next model. 

I don't really see where the new iPad mini sits either. At $400 I see even less of a reason to buy one over the Nexus 7 than I did with the old model. PLus keeping the old one at such a high price seems a bit daft to me. 

I want to hear what you guys think about these new products and Apple in general. It is estimated that Android is about to overtake Apple in tablet sales and the iPhone 5c has been a massive flop with Apple cutting manufacturing of the lower cost phone. 

While the 5S has sold well I think Apple really needs to do something interesting and innovative to avoid falling down in the market. 

Let me know what you think. Sorry about the low quality of this post doing it quickly in between classes. 

Big Face Palm!!

As other people have said, apple doesn't innovate any more. they make something similiar to what they already have, and say it's faster, and therefore we as consumers have to pay more. 

didn't prices used to stay the same after each update, not go up?

i swear they're just milking the idiots at this point

they also announced the "black knight"

Had Mavericks installed but ran into a small issue with my BELOVED HD 5450... Currently reverting back to Lion thanks to my Time Machine backup, but I'm still ain't certain at this point.

And I might have to re-move this thread again. Dammit :P